Writing about my “area of interest” gives me some satisfaction. Generally when I write about something, I will try to convey some message, place some request or to some extent try to stress the seriousness of what I write. But for the first time, I am writing something because I am happy and feel like sharing it. I agree that elements of “stupidity” definitely exist when reading this. So without any expectations, proceed further.

My “Pinkish love” is not something new to me. Apart from my routine, if I am asked to do something interesting, immediately my mind says “Babysitting”. Whenever we have a family get together, the department that is assigned to me is always to take care of kids. This is for two reasons – 1. I am good (At least slightly above average) at handling kids. 2. I am not good at anything else!!

I have seen people who had tough time with kidoos specially those who are very naughty. They use to crib that they can manage a company better than taking care of a kid. But for some reason I felt the reverse. For me, handling a kid was the easiest thing that I can do on earth. Beating, Biting, Kicking etc will definitely be there (Depends on their ability and our capacity), but when we identify their ‘area of interest’ then the attachment that they show is really priceless.

For many years I was doing this as and when it comes. I was so mad that it took these many years for me to realize that I am deeply in love with these pinkish roses!



The turning point in the story comes when we actually build a confidence in them. They will immediately take you to their pinkish world which is so beautiful. When they react to what they say, that is the first stage. The maximum in this benchmark valuation will be attained when these pink hands hug us and we get a kiss from a kidoo.

Being part of this pinkish cycle is not something insignificant. For them, we are heroes and heroines. Even if you say that you are a super man, they will open their eyes widely and ask “Oh reallllly!!!!” If you impress them, they spontaneously giggle and react. On the other hand, if they don’t like something, without even a second that they will show it in front of your face!

They don’t know to over react! They shower genuine affection! Their innocence will be unique! Their anger is very simple to solve. (An attractive story plus an ice-cream is the maximum bid). Their possessiveness is harmless! Their lies will be beautiful especially when they get caught! The way they see miracles in even small things is amazing. When they raise silly questions and get answer for that, they feel as if they conquered the entire world. More than everything, the expressions that they give in their pinkish faces are super cute.

For people who don’t like kids, I am just telling just a simple thing “You terribly miss the divinity of this pinkish love!”

Though “Green” is not my favorite colour, it gives some pleasant feel whenever we see it. In fact the colour green is used in many places as a symbol of prosperity, fertility and cheer. In relationship, I can correlate this colour with the concern that elderly people shower on us.

Being with my Grandparents right from my birth I was pampered at each and every stage. At the age of 21 when my “Grand pa” passed away, I realized a huge gap which made me to recollect each and every moment with him. Though there was lot of grand children, his love for me was special and unique. Unfortunately I realized it in a better way after his life.

Old age is a rule of nature. But how many of us are able to understand them? When they “Address” or “advise” us, most of us hardly sit and listen. Some even go and mock at them.

The society that we live is very much different from the one that they lived when they were young. Obviously opinions and outlooks differ! When we are not able to understand this simple fact, it is absolutely  unjust for us to expect elders to understand. We claim that we know better than them because of the “exposure” that we have!!

Throwing complaints away for a while, when we try to understand the heart of these old people, the result of the analysis will slap each and everyone who mocked at a “Grand pa” or a “Grand ma”

For them, son/daughter/grandson/grand daughter is not different when they show their concern. It is possible for them to take care of hundreds of people like their own children. Their world may be small but their attitude towards people and the manner in which they socialize is something which should de appreciated (Of course that is inversely proportional to the present generation’s attitude of mingling with people).

All that they expect from you is to ‘nod’ your head when they speak and give minor reactions. That’s it! They will cover you with a smooth green blanket of concern which cools down the maximum temperature.

Most people think that they are rigid and don’t even know what softness is! I also admit that they are not that expressive as we are (At least what we claim). But when we sit with them and analyze closely, the truth will come to limelight. Not just their family, kith and kin, I have seen elders who cry and pray for disasters that happen in some corner of the world. [They are very much capable of even crying for problems faced by women in TV serials – My maternal grand mother is a best example ] Their Green umbrella of concern is very huge to protect as many people as possible.

1231578_579395248787306_291321052_n - Copy

As they grow older, they become kids at heart and expect love and affection from people who are around them. Winning them by love is not so challenging. When you give 2 things for them, they treat them as million things and jump out of joy. It is possible only for them to exaggerate and explain the whole world, a small act of love directed towards them.

The intention of this note is not to convey that people in between these two age groups are useless. The point is people at times become colour blind with respect to these two colours. These age groups are ignored by many. But when we fill these two colours (pink and green) in our life in a right proportion, life will be very meaningful (I know I am not that old to advise this). Let us not see them just as an existing element but as attractive colours. I am very sure that they will add value to our art of life.

P.S: Exceptions are always there for everything, about which I am not bothered here!


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