Celebrating my love

andal garland


Every year when I cross the date 14th February, I use to get lot of messages and pictures wishing for Valentines day! This year, in addition to the wishes, people started asking about my plans for that day, as I am newly married!

To them when I say that I don’t believe in the  concept of celebrating “Valentines day”, without even questioning the reason behind , they ask me, “Why are you against celebrating love?” The question that is hiding inside my heart is “Why won’t I celebrate love?”

Before that let me answer this! Right from my younger age I have a tendency to follow and adhere to things that I sincerely believe and I am convinced with the reason behind it! Valentines day is celebrated in the memory of a Christian Saint Valentine. When he was in jail in Rome he wrote a letter to the jailor’s daughter signing it with the words “your valentine”. (Courtesy wikipedia). I am not able to derive any connection between this story and celebratiob of Valentine’s day in India!! If I am able to get some other better connection, then let me consider! !

Love is a beautiful feeling. It knocks the door of every individual in some way and in some form. There lies the triggering point! The first impression about love determines their view about love for their entire life. There are people who feel it as breeze and on the other hand there are people who view it as fire! It depends primarily on the first Incident that made them understand what love is.

The triggering point came to me in my late school days when I was ispired by the love of “Andaal” (Kothai) with Lord Vishnu! Though I have heard her story from my father for atleast 100 times, I realised the magic of love when I read that myself after my schooling.

Right from her childhood Kothai developed a divine love towars Vishnu and she always visualised herself as a garland in the shoulders of Sree Vishnu. I admired the beauty of her innocent love when she wears herself the garland before offering to Maha Vishnu and felt the bliss. For her, nothing else than Sree Vishnu was the priority. This small act of love proved the basic theorem of love “Love makes the life so beautiful ” .

More than everything, the way in which she pursued her love was just amazing! During the whole month of Marghazhi she composed and offered Thiruppavai, a set of 30 songs. They were just not poems of love but millions of information were beautifully painted in them.

Contradicting the so called modern definition of love potrayed by the media today, Kothai’s love was not mere madness. Her love was entirely filled with divinity. She set a glaring example for dignity of Insian woman.

Though her intent to pursue her love gave a fear in the mind of her father, the manner in which she took it forward and set a role model for young women was amazing. Her life clearly establishes the glorious culture that we belong to and the dignity of women that our culture witnessed.

But what is potrayed by the media today? Both the concept of love and woman have become business strategies!! It uses both women and love as a tool to brand their business products. That is what is happening in every Valentine’s day!!

For a man or a woman who understands the purity and divinity of love, every second of their life is a celebration of love. They need not wait for a special day to celebrate it. We don’t need cakes to cut and teddy bears to hug! I am proud to be one!!

On the other hand if a person does not celebrate a Valentine’s day, then I think the loss is not for them but for the businessmen who use woman as a strategy to sell love!!

Thanks for the read!!

P.S. I am not answering anyone here. Also this is not written to blame anyone who celebrates Valentine’s day. This is mere expression of my way of celebrating love!! All I am saying is love is making my life beautiful.

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