Right, Duty and Responsibility




This is not something unknown, new, or unwritten!

Every day that we spend with people in our country, we will get to hear hundreds and thousands of complaints from people at our family, our friends and collegues (At times from strangers too when you are in a public place). People post different complaints about our Government, country, environment, law and order, corruption, etc.  Everything is admitted. But my mind asks few important questions to people who keep complaining about our system.

  •  Yes! The Government is corrupt. People take bribes in various fields according to the requirement. Now what have you done to combat corruption? In how many occasions have you refused to bribe and took your work in a legitimate way despite of the hardships that you get for refusing to bribe?
  • Yes! Our roads are not clean. People throw garbage in the streets. Drainage system is highly improper. Admitted. How many of us have raised complaints to the appropriate authority in the municipality, at least for the one in their streets?
  • Yes the government and mechanism are improper! Yes! Admitted. Now as a citizen of this country how many of us are effectively exercising our duty?

Though people give lack of time as an excuse or the 1st and 2nd points, skipping the 3rd point is the greatest negligence that one can commit to their nation. Voting is not just a person’s right but its their duty.  And effective exercise of this duty is the responsibility of every citizen.

People who do not vote give various reasons. Most of them say reasons like, non-availability of voter IDs, non-availability of their name in electoral list etc. Here are my questions to them?

  • Obtaining voter IDs are not that difficult for an educated individual. Youngsters are keen in obtaining Driving licence when they cross 18 years of age. But why is the same interest is not shown for obtaining voters ID?
  • There are hundreds of ways to know the procedure involved in obtaining a duplicate Voter IDs/ getting the name registered in the electoral list. Is lack of procedural knowledge a valid excuse? Will this be the same treatment in case of lost of Driving Licence / PAN Card or a bank debit card? Certainly not! Then what is the reason behind this lethargy in getting your voter ID?
  • The procedure involved in getting these things done will maximum make a person to take a couple of hours permission or maximum a day’s leave. When you can afford such permissions and leaves for your family function, a date or even for a movie, why not for exercising your duty towards this Country?

Now coming to the point of responsibility, i.e, effective exercise of the voting right, my mind asks only one question. What is the basis of casting a vote and selecting a particular candidate?

Media plays a considerable role in influencing people to select the right candidate to lead the Country. Media in many cases voices out the opinion of the people. But there are also cases where media plays is strong role in moulding the opinion of the people and restricting their ability to think beyond what media shows.

The latter is the case of Shri. Narenedra Modi, the Prime Ministerial Candidate of BJP and the Chief Minister of Gujarat. When I tend to talk with people about Modi, the 1st thing they say is Riots in 2002. Even after the verdict of the Supreme Court giving clean chit to Modi, the mindset that these people have him, did not change to a greater extent. Now my question is, how many of them are aware of the following facts?

25% of India’s GDP belongs to Gujarat.  22% of India’s exports and 51% of India’s petrochemical production is contributed by Gujarat. Nearly 100% of Gujarat’s 18,000 villages have electricity connection for 24hours through the Jyotigram Yojana.Statistics show 12.8% agriculture growth in the last five years in Gujarat against the national average growthrate of 2%. Krishi Mahotsav introduced for agricultural research labs. “Shala Paravesh Mahotsav” was introduced to reduce the dropouts in school education and the droupout ratio of 21% is reduced to 2% in 2011. Kanya Kelavani Yojana was introduced to encourage education amongst girls.Chiranjeevi Yojana was introduced to reduce infant mortality rate. (This scheme was rewarded with Asian Innovation Award.). etc etc.

I can add hundred things to this. But the point that I wish to convey here is, as a Chief Minister, Shri. Modi has brought tremendous changes in Agriculture, Electricity, Education, Technology, Hygene and health, infrastructure and whole development of the state, what is preventing us from confidently entrusting the Indian Government with him?

The future of our Country is not anywhere but in our hands to exercise effectively our duty and responsibility.

As a citizen of this country, every one of us has a RIGHT to question the wrongs that are happening in our country. At the same time, we have a DUTY to cast our vote in the upcoming election. Our role does not end up with the right and duty but the RESPONSIBILITY to choose the right person as our leader.



Be responsible in choosing the right person. Think wise and Vote for India and its Development!  Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!

Thanks for the read!






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One Response to Right, Duty and Responsibility

  1. sanjiv says:

    Savitha …you have conveyed your thoughts so concisely and still made a huge impact . This is your best that I have read. Looking forward to more articles on Women “empowerment” , rights and beyond…thanks

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