Slow poison serial killers

For many, one of the important part of their life is watching TV serials in various Tamil channels. For some it is just another entertainment and for many it as important as their filter coffee in the morning.

If we observe these serials in a very plain perspective they may only seem boring or at the maximum, they can irritate. But upon a deep observation one can very well come to a conclusion that more than its stupidity, the element of venom that these serials slowly inject in the minds of people is threatening.

Here are few of my observations commonly prevailing in most of the serials:

  1. Vengeance among family members:

Almost in all the serials, personal vengeance among one’s one family members is vital component. The very same serials when they were launched were advertised as promotion of joint family / family values. And first few months they show the cuteness in joint families, their emotions, likes and dislikes in a colorful manner. Many women who watch them predominantly fall in the category of “Housewives”. They naturally start feeling that these serials are just extended part of their families and gradually they establish personal connect with these characters. Once the TRP rating reaches the maximum point, the cruel faces of the serials are revealed. For instance, an evil son who is objected by his straight forward father goes to the extent of killing him. A daughter in law tries to slap her father in law for a silly reason. A cruel sister in law causes miscarriage to her brother’s wife who gets pregnant years after marriage just for the sake of property. A mother tries to fabricate an extra marital story for her son’s wife and trashes her away for the sole reason of bringing another woman who can afford dowry.

  1. Crime committed at an ease:

It is natural that newspapers and TV channels cover crimes happening in the society, But TV serials give elaborate tutorials as to how such crimes can easily be committed without any difficulty. They teach how to black mail or threaten with secret videos. They teach how to kidnap kids and extract favors from their respective parents. They teach how to abduct women and commit crimes against her without even revealing the identity to the victim. In fact after committing a murder they will also give a checklist on what are all the criminal should ensure to safeguard himself from getting caught. And of course how to frame charges against someone who is completely unaware of the scenario.

  1. Their wrong take on Police and Courts:

This is another irritating factor that commonly appears almost in all cases. They show Police and Court as useless and it is only the hero/heroine who take all efforts for rendering justice. Every time when a court scene appears in a serial, my mind automatically detects the mistakes/ flaws in the scene (Both on law and procedure). It is only possible in serials where the police is not able to find out a criminal just because of the fact that he is wearing a different wig and cap. Also it is only possible in a serial that the court punishes a person with death sentence in few days of arrest with just only one eye witness. And the highlight is there are only few seconds left for his execution, the jailor gets a message from a Judge stating that he is not guilty. Being an Advocate by profession, I see all these scenes with a sense of humor and move on. But on the other hand, they indirectly try to inject a negative opinion in the mindset of the people that going to courts and approaching a police station will not fetch any legal benefit and it is only through illegal means one can achieve the desired results.

  1. Extra marital relationships:

In those days, one out of 10 serials show extra marital affairs as a side track of the story. But today 9 out of 10 serials will definitely have more than one unnatural relationships and that proudly remain in the main story track. Let us even ignore the extra marital relationships. These serials go even beyond these. It is so difficult to even name one serial because almost in every serial, there will be at least one woman who tries to marry a man who is already married and play all cheap tricks to separate the couple. For instance, in a prime time serial, a man tries to marry another’s wife and kidnaps her.  The whole city police and with the family members roam throughout the city to chase them and the story line was maintained for months together after which the wife was safeguarded. And in another serial which has a wide reach, a man tries to lure his friend who has applied for a divorce and who is pregnant and threatens her to marry him. What kind of thoughts they try to inflict on the minds of children who at times watch these serials with parents/ grandparents?

  1. Vulgarity and violence:

The general mindset prevailing in the society is violence are projected less in serials when compared to the silver screen. I agree with this logic for serials that were directed few years back. But unfortunately that is not the case today. It is so sad to see vulgarity in picture, dialogues and background scores. It may or may not be required for the story. And for violence and cruelty, I need not give any examples and it is so obvious.

I am not here to offend or criticize, serial makers or actors here. The point I am trying to make is, why so much of negativity being slowly injected into the viewers?  Here are my views with respect to such serials:

  1. Ours is a value driven society. I do agree that there are people who ignore these values and commit various criminal acts. But why should the same be portrayed? Instead why these serials can’t be made to uphold our values? One thing most of these serials show is finally good triumphs over evil. Agreed. But out of 3000 episodes, evil is shown in 2900 episodes and when good triumphs in the last few episodes, the serial comes to an end. So what is the residue?
  2. I understand their concern about the society in spreading awareness about various crimes happening in and around the city. Well done. But why can’t they give a meaningful solution for such crimes. For instance they show women blackmailed with their secret videos. But they fail to show that if such situation arises, how should women boldly handle such incidents and report the criminals.
  3. Today many young mothers or grandmothers keep their children together while seeing these serials. I have seen kids watching these serials with interest. When I observed them closely, I am able to see unwanted maturity in their speech and attitude which is not at all advisable for their age. It will destroy their childhood innocence. Ignore grown up kids. An unemployed pregnant women seeing such serials is even more dangerous.
  4. Today most of the viewers are women and they see this day and day out. Out of them, majority are less educated, aged and unemployed. When they continuously see the same thing again and again, it will slowly start poisoning their minds.
  5. What is mindset of elders who go deeply inside the serial and cry for the sorrows of characters inside?

If these concerns are answered in a proper manner, I will give a warm welcome to these serials as they act as a full time companion for many women. If not, then I will say that these are only slow poison “SERIAL” killers who target the families.

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