Debates on “Women rights” are happening all over the country for the past few years. The country is not completely out of the cold blooded crime in the capital city which shook even hard hearted people.

Prayers were made; Protests were raised; signature campaigns took place; Capital punishments were insisted. All these efforts are appreciable. Beyond all these, how many of us took sincere attempts to analyze what is cause and what is the effect?

The fact that these efforts are extra ordinary is something which cannot be denied. But will this alone bring the change that we want to see in this world?

People started to even blame the unsafe atmosphere prevailing in our country and felt ashamed of being part of this country. But they forgot the fact that the term “India” includes him or her and they have moral responsibility in breaking this unsafe atmosphere which is prevailing today.

Reading the half baked and incomplete history of India, they say that this is a country which treated women inferior to that of men. That existed for some years. Agreed! But what was our ancestry? At that time, women were not treated in par with men, but a step above men with respect and divinity.

Our ancient history, epics, religious scriptures, everything glorified women as a form of goddess and showered respect upon her.

When talking about ancient women, first and foremost picture that hits my mind is Shri maa Sarada Devi. When I read her biography, my mind was mesmerized by the way Shri. Ramakrishna paramahamsar (Her Husband) did Shodaji Pooja to her. Despite of the fact that she was his wife and she was much younger to her, he viewed her as a human form of goddess Shakthi. 

Gargi and Maitreyi were respected as learned women in ancient society. So many women can be listed out in this regard.

Is that the situation prevailing now? Crimes against women are increasing in the geometric progression. Government of India’s recent statistics reveals that the percentage of increase in crimes against women from 2010 to 2011 is 7.1%

Before going into the cause aspect, the consequence aspect which is vital needs to be looked into. Crimes like rape, sexual harassment, molestation, immoral trafficking in women are poisonous when compared to crimes like dowry demands (Just my point of view), for the sole reason that these crimes will just not cause violence at the time of commission but implant severe disease in the minds of the victim and the society surrounded by her. In most cases, a sexually abused victim hears an alarming cry inside her, when she faces the world, however supportive the society around her are!

When women in the west fought for rights for their equality our Indian culture granted respect to women even much before the so called rights came into the picture of many countries. This is a fact that cannot be denied!

Swami Vivekananda, when writing about Indian women said, In the west, all women other than the mother are looked at as wives. In India, all women other than the wife are looked upon as mothers.””

bharat mata 5

There lies the point. The solution lies nowhere else than here. It was this culture which respected women; Treated her in par with men; Added value to her life; Recognized the sacrifices that she made; Gave sanctity to the roles played by her as a daughter, wife, mother and so on; Witnessed the “Shakthi” in her; And so on.

And now?

One among of the best thing that we have lost in the phase of modernization is the sanctity given to women. Now the question of sanctity becomes less important, as safety itself is in deep danger!

Not just we are harassed in various walks of our life, but are viewed as objects of lust. Indecent portrayals of women have become the fashion of the day! Pornography and prostitution are increasing day by day. The shocking fact is even mobile phones have indecent applications that degrade women. There are even instances where women are cheaply harassed without even being physically contacted.

This is the price that is paid by the country for destroying our priceless culture in the guise of modernization and westernization.

When a person blames the country and the legal system alone for the injustice that is happening to women, and calls himself/herself as an activist, then all that can be done is feeling sorry for their ignorance of the fact that they themselves contribute to the irreparable loss caused to the country.

Stringent laws and capital punishments are mandatory for these anti – social elements.  Though they may not bring these crime rates drastically, such punishments are required for the sole reason of destroying these bacteria which planted venomous mental sickness not only inside the victim but inside the heart of each and every women. But the permanent cure lies only on adherence to our values and culture. This cannot be disputed.

I am a princess for my parents. Each and every woman is a princess for her own family.  After crossing hundreds of barriers, each and every princess steps forward to achieve so many things. Whatever achievements we make, however supportive our surroundings are, the hidden princess inside us is still weeping, which at some point or the other is hindering us to walk forward! And it’s really difficult to wipe her tears completely because, one after the other our kith and kin are harassed.

When someone ask whether I want “Women rights” or “Women respect”, I still say women right, not for copying whatever men do, but just for safe position in which they are placed. (I am restricting only to this aspect). I am ready to work for the respect. But I should first be safe for working for women, because I also belong to the womankind whose safety is in danger now.

Feminism just not lies in blaming men and the country, and voicing for temporary solutions for a temporary period, but working towards the permanent empowerment of women, not only by bringing her the rights but empowering her with respect.

Looking forward to take the first step as a feminist which I wanted to take from my 12th age and the time for which is almost come.

Thanks for the read!

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Being part of an organization called “Youth for Dharma” for 3 years and above, I faced different experiences from different set of people at different occasions. Elders who see me participating, with full of excitement ask me a question frequently “How is it possible for you to be a part of this, at THIS AGE?” On the other hand people in and around my age group ask the same question in a different tone! The former is filled with pleasant surprise and latter contains terrible shock in it!

After 3 years of divine experience, I am now making an attempt to answer to the second set of people! This attempt is not made to just prove where I stand, but because of the people who ask this to me, as they mean so much to me.

Now wait! Here I am not going to explain the activities and objectives of YFD, because I am sure that this will not be the first time my friends hearing it from me. Then? Whenever I start talking about the divinity of and the need for such a work, the first and foremost question that people ask me is “What benefit did u gain from being part of it?” I will share few of what I gained here apart from the priceless feel and bliss I am getting which cannot be measured.

Being part of a NGO is a beautiful thing. The difficulty lies in selecting the organization which you want work with. Once the right selection is made, then the rest of the organizational life will really be a joy! For me, that difficulty also did not arise as the person who showed this to me was my well wisher.


As an advocate by profession, I need to interact with more and more people. Interaction is not an easy job, atleast for people like me who came from a very “reserved” set up! I hardly had friends and never opened my mouth with full confidence even when I was right. A proper interacting person should both be an attractive speaker and a good listener. Many advocates start to learn the art of interaction and public speaking once they step into this profession. But fortunately, interaction was not a challenge for me as my YFD trained me sufficiently before my first step into this profession.

Women empowerment was my cup of tea right from my school days. The Macaulay’s education and the people around me injected me wrong facts which made me to draft a totally different hypothesis for my work on W.E. YFD and the people whom I met in YFD gave me an entirely different perspective on W E, whereby I am able to frame a logical hypothesis on WE and start working on it.

The biggest failure in the lives of many professionals is the work-life balance. After being an active part of YFD I learned the art of balancing not just work and personal life but also one more phase called “Social life”. Balancing is not just being a spectator, but a considerable extent of participation thereby doing justice to the roles I cast in all the three plays.

An admirable factor in my YFD life is the people I met through YFD. Our executive team consists of active youngsters who hail from different professions. Beyond our hectic professional life in this competitive world few of us decided to keep one more step to do something for the society. And that brought us together! So this acted as a forum for meeting like minded youngsters who strive to see a change in the society apart from just talking. Apart from YFD, they have minimum 2 other causes for which they want to work and they actually work. Few speak W.E. Few dream for change in educational system. Few help differently abled. Few donate for the needy. Etc.. Whenever I listen to such thoughts and ideas, the amount of positive spirit that follows is priceless!



At times, I get chances to coordinate events where I require taking lead role and delegating work. Initially I was highly uncomfortable for doing so as most of my team mates are elders. But surprisingly they broke my fear and gave me the confidence to walk forward! I can say that this is a blessing for each and everyone here.

The value of time became so precious like gold to me in these days. To be precise my focus these days lies mainly on time management. Situations made in me to do 50 things in the place of 5 things, which improved the productivity in me.  The sole reason behind this is YFD.

Crisis management was something I learnt from being a part of it. For that matter, I can say that this is a best thing that one can learn being part of a NGO. You will at times have to face multidimensional problems and unrealistic deadlines. This also helped my personal and professional life very well.

My learning graph suddenly started to travel in a growing phase. YFD not only gave opportunities to learn our values and traditions (Work in Progress) but many minor things as well. I learnt to make best use of technology as I never knew social media is so powerful. I started using word, excel and PowerPoint frequently and have attained a decent level.(Definitely not an expert) I would never have opportunity to either learn or use it otherwise than in my profession.

Creativity knocked my door again. I opened my music book back after 7 years. I started making decent contents. I had opportunities to participate in event management. My first attempt in making a photo collage is for YFD.(Now I am confident in making many). And yes! I have lot more to go.

I can add so many things to it. I am not going to do that. I will wind up with a small but an important feel!

Being part of an organization is a beautiful feeling which cannot be explained but only experienced. More than that, at the age of 23 years, if someone is looking up to you, then obviously that adds responsibility to your life! I am so happy and thankful to take up this responsibility at this age!

P.S: Kindly press “SHIFT + DELETE” to your idea if you think that this is promotional note. One more “SHIFT + DELETE” to people who think that this is an arrogant reply to people who ask me reasons for being part of YFD. This is 100% an attempt to answer my dearest people, who want to know what I actually gain from this apart from the service point of view and whose presence in my life are so important.

Thanks for the read!                 


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Missing my Madness

Finally I am writing an explanatory note about my frequent status message! Though this is about me, I can see many others coming across this phase in life!

This was not long long ago and so long ago. Just very few years back! Life was totally different for me. The people and the circumstances existing around me are the same. But the way I handled things and the way those things handled me, underwent serious changes!

Life for me, at that time, revolved totally around me and with a small circle. No one other than me was there for me. When I came across a happy moment, I penned that down and read myself (So many note books full of essays and poetries are still with me). On the other hand, when I had to face serious insults, Yes! I was the best friend for me to console me. Abuse, anger, betrayals, blackmails, defeats, threats etc.. touched my life someway or the other. Fortunately, just a pen and a paper (That alone!) helped me to get rid of all these. People told me that I was very poor in the art of socializing and called me MAD! Yes! That was a self- centric madness.

I gave abundance of importance to straight forwardness. I have paid so much for retaining such a character with me. Whoever it may be, wrong was always a wrong to me. And whoever it may be, I never bluffed or gave honey quoted fake words. I always pointed the bull’s eye. No concessions, exemptions, conditions subsequent, were able to convince me. In my high school days, I was actually a “Strict officer” class leader. My school friends can never forget a character that caught people who copied in class tests!! The lies that I spoke can be counted with my fingers. People around me said that I was not at all adjustable to the reality and called me MAD. Yes! That was an unrealistic straight forward madness.

More than a person, I was attached to a person’s qualities. I gave a form to the character of a person, and respected it. So according to me, a person’s existence in my life journey depended solely on their character. My mind never accepted a compromise when such a character is lost and the person alone wanted to survive with me! But on the end of the day, I never regretted for the cost I paid for this. People around me told that a small consideration or some relaxation is required to be given for close friends and they finally called me MAD. Yes! That was Personality madness!

I was the antonym for the word “Anger”. Anger or some form of an emotional outburst was almost nil in my earlier life. I hardly reacted to anything that happened to me! (Even when I was heartlessly ragged at the age of 11 by 20 of my class girls). Similarly tension or fear was the least known thing to me and I hardly remember any incidents flavored by these emotions. Not even once at that time, I was emotionally stagnated. At times few of my friends ask, “Do you know what anger is?”  People around me criticized that I am a blind missing different colors of life and finally called me a MAD. Yes! That was a senseless dumb madness!

I admired even small things around me. I played games with kids and nodded my head for the tales of grannies. I posted goal command in my book cupboard! I drew my own crayon smiley in my room and spent time for silly things that gives a small smile when someone views that! Small smile and all was ok! But after that? A big lecture will follow. The first thing they say is “What the hell is your age?” I still remember the day when I brought a butterfly pencil and got blasting from my friends that time. They told me that age is a vital criterion to determine our dos and don’ts and called me MAD.  Yes! It was an immature madness!

I can accumulate so many other incidents of my madness! But I don’t want to do that. What is the use of that?


Now let me come to the point. Now in the guise of living a “Social life” I am not doing many of the above things. I cannot deny the fact that I am happy. I have loads of friends. I am pampered. So many people like to spend time with me. I am sharing both my happiness and sadness with them. Everything is good only. But something is missing in all these. When I seriously ran a search of that, my mind is asking me a question.


Though I am completely not out of my reality, I cannot miss out the fact that I miss the madness in me.

I am happy: I am blessed. I am fully enjoying my life; I am highly satisfied with what I am now. But if you ask me that this is 100% I will say no. because I miss my madness.

P.S: I know this is a difficult question and there are chances of it irritating you. But still let me proceed with this. Can I get my madness back with the benefits of the present life? Only serious answers are accepted!! Thanks for the Patient read!

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Bharat is a beautiful country which rightly depicts “Unity in Diversity”. There are plenty of differences among people on the basis of religion, caste, creed, language etc. Beyond all these, the patriotism inside everyone brings people together under one shade called “Indian”. However these differences created by nature, at times, give room for few problems here and there. Some of them are seasonal but few of them continuously in some way or the other affect the society. These problems shoot up some controversy and at times disturb the mental peace of people living around. One among such controversy is the Reservation system based on caste and gender.

When we look at few pages of Indian history, we cannot refuse to flip through the period of caste based discrimination, where, people belonging to few castes were deprived of their basic rights as a human being. Though that was not the original position of the prior Indian history, we cannot deny the existence of such a phase. When reading about such acts of discrimination, this common girl had so many questions like “why?”, “who” and “what for?”! But the fact is that this common girl was not even born when such things happened and as a solution, provisions of our Indian Constitution and few other enactments were brought into picture.

Just because of her birth in a Brahmin family, this common girl never had any problems with the reservation system per se, as she was able to understand the justice that is required to done for backward classes. Though she was chased in each and every phases of her life like education, employment and everything, she was able to justify the reservations on the sole ground that there should not be any Forward – Backward differences based on castes .

When she was able to see reservations adversely affecting her kith and kins, she silently smiled saying “Nothing harm in giving my piece of a cake to someone who is starving!”

When her cut off was fixed as 96% as against the BCs who had a lower target, she was able to digest that saying “My father and forefathers leant and they taught the society! We inherit knowledge by blood too. But these people lack such type of inheritance”

She was completely focusing on chasing her dreams in this competitive world with tough targets ahead. But the moment when she started looking what is happening around her and where these reservations are heading to, she cannot stop asking few questions.

Here are her scenario type questions:

1.      A candidate is required to pay 1/10th of the college fee because he belongs to a particular community. This is given to all the candidates of such community, irrespective of their financial strength. Apart from this, all of them who fill a particular application form are entitled to a scholarship exceeding Rs. 10,000.Again financial strength is not the eligible criteria. For a student who is born with silver spoon the money becomes a day’s pocket money. Is the money going rightly to the pockets of the needy? Is financial stability not the criteria for scholarships?

2.      One person obtains MMBS admission through reservation. He joins the college and studies for 2 years. Then he discontinues the college and joins other college through the same reservation. Finally he gets a MBBS degree. He then writes UPSC and gets a government appointment in a Registrar Office again through Reservation. He has achieved the desired upliftment. I agree. But what is the cost? 2 medical college seats + 7 years of incentives provided by the Govt. Why can’t these places be filled by the deserving candidates who aspire to become a doctor?

3.      A ST candidate does not qualify even for the minimum requirement of marks for a professional course. He also failed in the entrance examination. But no one other than him applied for the course under that particular quota. Now he filed a writ asking the Govt. to give the seat to him because he was the only ST who applied despite of him not even passing the exam. What is giving him such right?

4.      A college gives 30 seats for SCs and STs alone! I accept it. Now only 5 of those seats are filled by the candidates. What is the fate of the 25 other seats? Some colleges waste these seats. Some people sell these seats for a higher donation. Now who is the ultimate sufferer?

5.      A girl, who is a BC by her caste, fraudulently obtains a SC Certificate. She gets all her reservations and comes out well. Now by marrying a man who is a BC, she also claims the incentives provided by the government for inter caste marriages without even doing one such marriage. Subsequently she continues the same with her children. Now how will we deal with such situations?

One can add on hundred situations like this. None of the above is a fake story, but the outcome of true colors of the society.

A Brahmin common girl will not have a reservation. She should secure highest marks to get a decent degree. (At times unrealistic targets were also set for her). She hardly gets scholarships from her community sanghs. She cannot dream to step into a Government job that easily. She should be able to give up her preferences, if the targets set are not achieved! But the moment when she opens the mouth and says a word against reservations, then that will be the end. She will be called a chauvinist!

Pushpak - The Great Indian Reservation System_thumb[1]

Ok! Now the common girl is putting an end to her questions and trying to give her answer:

SC/ST or Backward class empowerment is very important and there is nothing harm in giving top priority to this cause. Giving Reservations do boost them and encourage them to step inside and acquire various positions. On the other hand, the question of it fully reaching the real sufferers is always there.

Every piece of legislation is misused by one segment of the society.  Likewise these reservations are also grossly misused. The effect of these misuses is serious as it catches the life vein of not just the upper class common people but the real backward class sufferers.

This common girl, taking her restricted liberty to speak, puts forth her view: Instead of asking for more and more reservations for the empowering the backwards,

1.      Why can’t we step into the position of illiterate villagers and educate them about the benefits that Indian legal guardian provides for them?

2.      Why can’t we take a  resolution among ourselves to waive the reservations which is not required for us and waste them thereby allowing the needy to get that? Why can’t we advise our friends to do that?

3.      Why can’t we try to curb the misuses of such caste based reservations both by the individuals and institutions? If discrimination is a sin, then what is abuse?

4.      Why can’t we ask the Government to make stringent provisions to penalize these abusers?

To all my “Caste Empowerment” activist friends, here is a request. If your work for the Backward classes empowerment involves any one of the above 4 methods, then this common girl will be happy to paint your activist image on her face.

But if your activism is restricted only to ask more and more reservations, then this common girl, without any choice, will hopelessly look at her common brothers and sisters and pray for their survival.

Thanks for the read!

The common girl


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This may seem to be really pessimistic! But the intention behind is actually NOT. Though this is not a preplanned note, the issue which I am going to discuss here is pressing me for quite a long time! To some extent this note is risky as there are chances of controversies rolling all over the note! [Even if I add a disclaimer clause at the end]

Every human being in this world faces hundreds of challenges in their day to day life. Almost every one of us want to get rid of all our difficulties and challenges in some way or the other. Every problem has its own end and people are left with the only option to accept them irrespective of the fact that it is desirable or not. And most of us do accept it.

If our problems end in an undesirable way, some of us appeal for an alternative without losing our hopes. Some take that as their fate and walk forward. Few people bust out their emotions whenever they require on this regard. All these are different ways of accepting such undesired results.

But beyond all these, few people step forward and refuse to accept the undesired end by committing certain acts. One among them is SUICIDE!

Suicide is a sharp edged weapon which tastes the blood of both the person who handles it and the person against whom it was aimed! [There are also instances where the weapon is aimlessly triggered]

Life on earth is so beautiful. Each and every life in this world has its own value. Throwing all these colors of life, when someone jumps into this graveyard, then that is something which cannot be taken easy!

When someone faces a problem, they will obviously try their maximum to solve that. The battle commences here, and they rush to take every possible alternative to win it.

As a first step they try solving the problem on their own. Then they will take it to the person concerned! If this stage did not work out, then they resort to“third party” assistance. Such people may be parents, life partner, siblings or friends. This stage might solve the problem. Even if it is not solved, at least the power of well wisher’s support is capable of healing even severe wounds!

Now when all these let outs are shut down, the unreleased problems get stagnated and start burning from inside out and at times lead to this disastrous end.


When I come to know about people who commit suicide, I immediately peep inside to know the reason. The moment I hear the reason I obviously comment saying, “Is this is a valid reason?” In many cases, I criticize saying “Is this a reason to end a life?” I also branded few of them as cowards!

When I had a discussion recently in that regard as to the gravity of the problem for a suicide, the question that was put forth was “WHO ARE YOU TO ESTIMATE?” Ya! That is right only! We need to understand that the gravity of the problem is to be measured not based on our intelligence to go about it but by the bearer’s ability to bear it! Not everyone in this world is able persons to stand and look back to chase out the problems! Here, the person concerned alone should not be blamed ecause the way they get toned, is influenced by a combo of external factors too.

I realized that it’s so cheap to accuse someone as a coward without stepping into their shoes. The heartbreaking agony that they undergo before they shut down their life machine cannot be understood by anyone else than god.

More than people who end their lives, my concern is on those who attempt to suicide and come back. Though their lives are saved, the way they are treated for the rest of their lives, harden their emotions. The challenges they face in life are multifold. Even people who hesitated to help them before the incident come forward for criticizing them by showing their cruelty. At that point of time, these poor minds will not even able to understand the reality!

Another cheapest thing on earth is spinning stories behind these suicides.  When a teenager commits suicide, then immediately they say it’s a love failure! [This is the less offensive version]. My question is what do people gain by these unnecessary gossips without even knowing what kind of sufferings these poor minds underwent!

As a lawyer I will not support a crime. Indian law says attempt to commit suicide is a crime. I do admit.

My mind only worries for two things:

·         When a person is recovered from a suicide attempt, he is saved from one death, but is subject to cruelty on a daily basis the pain of which is worse than death

·         Spreading unwanted gossips behind the suicides and defame the soul even after their unwarranted end.

These people are also human beings and of course life for them is also important! But unfortunate happenings guide them this way. Now what is the need for the society to fuel the burning flame?

My humble request to all who read this is, not to involve in both the above mentioned acts, when you come across such situations. Handle these situations in better and wiser way. If not, at least leave it go as it is.

P.S: Comments are welcome ! Even though the possibilities of adverse comments are very high, I am happy to the extent that this will make at least one person to think what my actual concern is!

Thanks for the read.


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Different people show interest in working for different social activities. Few work for women empowerment; some visit and help orphanages and old age homes. Some show interest in helping people with disability. Few work for the promotion of their religion. There are also people who take up some specific social evils like corruption, poverty, sexual abuse etc and strive to work against them. Though differences of opinion rise up between people working for different causes, ultimately all are important! The difference is just in terms of priority.

However the surprising fact is that all these people without any point of difference agree for the imminent requirement of certain social issues. All of them, in spite of giving priority to the cause they support incline towards such “Common ideology”. One among them is “Literacy to masses”! [Now few of my friends will judge the reason behind this note and predict the conclusion part of it!]

Though I am not so happy with the prevailing educational system, I am not able to deny the need for basic education to the Children today. At least to take care of their basic livelihood, they need at least school level education.

Now two questions in this regard are required to be answered:

1.      How many are going to school and get education?

2.      Even after going to school, how many are deriving the actual knowledge and benefits accruing from such school education?

There are so many organizations to deal with the kids who fall under the first category. When I was searching for a school for a kid who lost his father and his school education, I had a couple of avenues who provide education for drop outs.

My concern is about the kids who fall under the second category! Till four years back, I was very happy to see kids living below the poverty line going to Govt Schools and studying. I was thanking god for that too.

But my worries started when I had an opportunity to take tuition classes for few slum kids. For about a month, I took care of kids between 3rd Standard to 8th standard. Initially I was wondering to see all of them sitting in the same room. But later I realized that their “STANDARD” is also same. Kids who were in 6th standard were not even able to write a small word without our help. They were not able to by heart “Two tables”. Similar difficulties existed in science and social studies too! And more than these when you ask them what are our values and morale, they will turn back and say “In which shop you will get it?”

The future of our country lies in children. And in the present competitive society, the need for a proper education is highly required. When such an education along with our moral values is denied to these kids, most of them become anti social elements. Is this what the country expects from them?

I am not here to blame their parents. When they are not educated and when they run here and there for their livelihood, it is hard only for them to take care of their kids. Its not possible for everyone, though some do their best!

And I am seriously not blaming the teachers of the Government schools too, because I always understand the difficulty of 1:60 ratios. I am even happy that at least they learn something.

Now   who is going to take the blame? You? Me? Ok. We also need not take the blame. But can’t we take some responsibility?

I am very well aware of the fact that all of us have our professional and personal commitments. Even I do have. If you ask me to go and take tuitions for 2 hours a day, I will definitely hesitate. That is quite natural. But even beyond that I have got an opportunity to help!

When I visited Coimbatore for my YFD camp, I got to know about a project called “SANDHYA GURUKULAM”. The team visits various villages, interact with the people and identify teachers with basic qualifications like plus two. They will take the teachers, give them training, and establish tuition centers in villages.[The number of centers vary based on the number of children].



They take full responsibilities of funding these centers and paying the teachers who were trained and appointed. The teachers not only make them do their homework and helping in academics, but also teach them our values which is so important!

When they shared these experiences, I was literally into tears!

They requested two forms of support from Youth for Dharma Team!

·         Helping them to identify students and teacher in any Chennai slums which they know.

·         Helping them to identify students and teacher in any of their native villages other than Chennai.

Once this identification and coordination stage is done, they will take care of the rest. All they need is someone to coordinate things from here as they travel a lot!

Now I place a small request. By spending few hours in this identifying process, you are not going to lose anything but the satisfaction that we are going to gain in helping is plenty.


  • You can spare two hours with any of your nearby slums every day and act as a “Sandhya Gurukulam Teacher”, -Kindly get into touch with me.
  • You can identify a teacher and a slum with at least 20 kids – Kindly approach me.
  • You cannot do both the above – Kidly share this note with your friends and help! 

“Eye Opener is ready! Eyes to be opened are in plenty and are also waiting! Let us use our technological developments positively to help both the ends meet and make Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s words true.

Thanks for the Read!




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The right day for the release of this note is 5th July. But I am not able to control my excitement and therefore this is coming out two days in advance!
Yes! It has been three years since I have joined my hands with Youth for Dharma (YFD). Days are moving so fast.
I still remember the day when I joined YFD. The launch invite came to me saying that this was a program for youth and I was asked to take my friend to the program. I took! And yes there was the beginning. Till the program came to an end I didn’t realize that I am going to be a part of that. They gave me a form and I registered! That’s it.
One thing that impressed me was the motto of this organization that was put forward. It was “PRACTICE PROTECT AND PROMOTE DHARMA!” For few hours I had a question in my mind.
“Promoting is Ok. What is special in practicing and what is the need for protecting?” But later when this organization grew me up, I understood the significance of these two words and told myself that “How innocent I was without even knowing what is happening around me in this society?”
For the “Practicing” part they told 5 things during the launch like, going to temple, respect elders, think god before every meal, wearing religious symbols etc. (The list extended and still extending every day!). Without questioning why I tried those 5 things the very next day! I felt it different and I liked it J when I continued few of those regularly that gave me some form of respect! And yes! I realized its significance when few youngsters started to follow these seeing my continuous practice.
After few days of the launch I went to Coimbatore where I completely forgot about YFD! That time I got a call from a sweet lady (At that time I never had any clue that this lady will come too close to my heart like an elder sister!) She called me for the next program. I rushed for that too forcing my cousin to accompany me! One by one I started attending the events attended by YFD. Then I was called for internal meetings! Though my contribution to them was hardly anything at that time I regularly mark my attendance without fail.
At one point I was not able to speak out boldly because almost everyone there was elders to me and they called me with respect! But at the time of our 1st Anniversary they broke my hesitations by giving responsibilities (Highly important) and of course with loads of funny “Leg pulling”. This was the entry of another man, into my friends’ circle who means a lot to me. He taught me so many things [At times in a hard and fast manner.]
Then days rolled over! I became an active member of YFD by spending most of my Sundays there. I made friendship with my team mates. As our ideas had a good chemistry, we became good friends! I never felt that that I am not spending time for my family and friends. Because these people filled those gaps!
We were formal when we were required to be formal. But apart from that we had super fun J we cracked jokes and clicked pictures. We enjoyed “Tea” moments and “Snack” hours!
They thought me so many things which I was able to apply in my personal life.
I adapted patience and got rid of my short temper! I learnt the art of public speaking! I experienced some of maturity inside me when I was treated with respect! I was able to manage contingencies that end up with negative consequences! I developed the habit of reading and listening! I was able to influence people around me with some small things that I was doing! I was able to convince people as to why I owe so much to this ideology. They injected me some element of leadership qualities J
More than everything YFD taught me to differentiate between personal and social life! Even at the times of head breaking problems that I had in my personal life and at times with few people in YFD, that hardly hindered my YFD work! [To some extent I can use the word “My” before YFD]
At different level (Student and a professional) I was able to contribute to YFD to my maximum possible extent! I am contented and will continue to do the same J so do other colleagues who form part of different professions!
Ok! Let me finish. If you leave me, I will talk for hours together.
Now all of us have taken up Swami Vivekananda as our “Inspiration”. Next year is Swami Vivekananda 150th year. We have taken up the prestigious task of spreading his words to lakhs of youngsters by next year. I am very confident that the day will come!
At this anniversary moment I am praying for the success of our new oath that YFD has taken and the well being of all our workers and the supporters!
Thanks a lot for all my direct and indirect supporters who helped be to be a part of YFD.
Though this is not an initiative to invite people for this cause, if any of you are inclined to join us, kindly let me know.
I am ending with a happy note that our team is packing our bags to Anaikatti Ashram Coimbatore, for 2 days (7th and 8th July) to celebrate our third anniversary!
Looking forward!!!!
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Though the realization phase took place a couple of months back, this note is coming out only now. I am making use of this moment to thank my eye openers and plead apology for my misconception all these years, though this is not too late.
First I will deal with the second portion of my topic i.e., diverted calls. When we interact with people who identify themselves as “women empowerment activists”, beyond their deep thought of empowering womenfolk some element of anger and rudeness peep out. Few show hatred towards men; few think men are chauvinists and few always have a hidden fear about them. Some will go ahead and blame the entire society.
Their emotional outburst, at times acts as the call diverting factor. The anger that they have at times makes them visually challenged disabling them to visualize what real empowerment of women is. Their thirst to do something for women empowerment is subjected to so many misuses.
Initially when we look into the outer layer of their ideology, they seem to be very strong and bold. But a deep insight into this pathetically reveals that they are not travelling in the right path.
Everything will be fine till the moment they start comparing themselves with male. Initially it grows at the family level and slowly that hits the society. This is not at all exaggeration. They start painting discrimination colour for day to day happenings which slowly destroys their peace. There are even instances of activist women calling wedlock as a bonded slavery.
These ladies point out fingers showing western countries where women are free to do anything which a man does. Women can smoke, drink, and marry many men (Marriage is also not necessary. Just Relationships will do). They say such FREEDOM is not given to women here and this is discrimination. When such ladies sit for a moment and think the reason behind the non availability of the so called freedom, the truth will cut the throat that spoke defamatory words!
Yes! The so called countries view women as a co human being. A mere living creature. This is the country that viewed and viewing women as goddesses. There, what a woman might get or rather enforce is her right. Here what she gets is respect, the value of which is beyond the measurement of human ambit. There men are taught to treat women in par with men. But here a family teaches a kid to view women as mothers/sisters. Now what is the need to look down and long for something which is far below us?
During a recent friendly conversation, one lady said marriage and child care hinders the professional life of a woman. Another lady benchmarked it as collective chauvinism. The third lady with a serious face asked an absurd question ”Why cant a guy break his professional life and take care  of kids?”. I underwent a terrible shock that where these pathetic ladies are are heading to. What is the respect to the divine motherhood which is blessed for women? Is it a burden which you shift to men? If you are so confident in the power of women, then why cant you excel in both? The biggest joke is their role model is Jhansi Rani!
Now I don’t want people to add fuel to what I spoke because these ladies though they sound rude are really good at heart. The psychological insecurity that was caused to them in some form or the other hardened their hearts. I can bet that this is not their birth defect. Some men who may be her Father, brother, uncle, husband, master, neighbour, friend and most cases lover is behind the depression phase which drives her into this well and gradually her grievances when poured to wrong people moulds her this way. HER CALL TO WORK FOR W.E IS NOW DIVERTED TO A DIFFERENT DESTINATION.
The first but crucial part is the unattended strata of womenfolk.
She is the lady who fights for her daily life with her drunkard husband, goes to whatever work she finds to feed her kids. But in no case she puts the position of her drunkard husband down.
She is the lady who tries to save her husband who tortured and caused the death of her kid saying “For a child who is no more I don’t want to grow up two living children without dad”
She is the lady who steps into even unpleasant employment without any hesitation as the only factor which her brain thinks is her kid’s life.
She is the lady who bargains even a penny and saves it to get whatever her children ask without compromise.
She is the lady who postpones her marital happiness and remains singe just to nurse her drowning parents.
Are they not abused? Are they not harassed? Are they not ill treated or discriminated?
The problems which these ladies face are comparatively more than that of the first category (There are exceptions.) However their approaches to these problems are entirely different.
For my non doctrinal thesis about sexual harassment in public places, when I put forward a question ‘what is the best solution for these problems?’ Answers from the first category (Diverted)were highly punitive. I was happy that girls are very bold.
When the second category (Unattended) was asked the same question, they said ‘you have to be careful and avoid all these’. How true!  Though most of them hardly finished their schooling, their idea of self defence has its own significance!
Stepping out and taking the help of law and other mechanisms is seriously a bold initiative. If that is the case then how will we call the will power which retains them in the same atmosphere, irrespective of the day to problems they face? This is much beyond boldness.
My intention is not against resorting to legal recourse as the solution. But people should understand the real intention behind such laws. My only worry is the real beneficiaries are still suffering.
Problems are there for every living creature. I agree. But there are few instances where women are placed in a disadvantageous position because of her gender. No one can deny this as there are so many empirical evidences!
When a widowed women sacrifices her comfort and goes to multiple employment and returns home late, the society gives her a different name. Is this the reward that she gets for her tireless sacrifice for her family?
A poor prostitute, who struggles for her daily life, is subject to the worst abuse in the entire world where she is cornered in each and every dimension of the society and even at times by the Government officials. Who is viewing her hunger and suffering beyond her profession which pulls her into this dirt? Money making prostitutes are in a better position when compared to these poor ladies.
I can accumulate so many such instances. But that is not the point behind the note.
These unattended ladies never come out and ask for their right. They believe in fighting with the problem itself rather fighting for their right. But that does not mean that they do not deserve these rights. Though they hesitate to ask them deliberately, some form of craving for a relief will always press them from inside.
For all those so called lady activists who want women empowerment, I simply want to say one thing. “ Women empowerment lies is making these untouched women force who are subjected to more vulnerable threats, socially, morally, spiritually, economically, intellectually independent and provide a stable and secured atmosphere for their living.” If we cannot do that, then we are the biggest losers on the whole.
Now my question is how that can be achieved by walking like sluts and portraying westernization.
For the sufferings of these UNATTENDED CALLS for women empowerment one reason to be blamed is these DIVERTED CALLS.
Ladies, if your calls are diverted to the right destination that is more than enough to answer the prayers of these unattended calls.
P.S: I am not against my friends who crave for WE. I am neither a scholar nor too experienced in this. I agree. But most of  the sad incidents that were stated about both the categories of women are those which I have witnessed personally in my real life. So I believe at least I can pen that down.
If you can break any of what I have spoken here and prove me wrong, then I will really be happy to write another eye opening note.
So your comments are welcome.
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Before I step into the crux of the note, I would like to say one thing. For my “Scholar” friends this note will appear as “Kinder Garden” level. So you people can proceed only if you are free

When someone sees me now after 5 to 6 years, they will definitely feel surprised to see the tremendous change inside me. Yes! There I underwent a major phase of transformation (Positive only!)  The miracles are made by a man! ONE MAN! And he was the soul behind all these changes.

First biggest threat I faced was my Glossophobia. Though I was right in many places I kept my mouth shut because of lack of self confidence. That went to its extreme when I was done with my schooling and was forced to choose a profession against my will.

That was the time of his entry in my life.  He poured the words of confidence in me. He blasted at me for weeping and enforced the point that all power is inside me. Day by day his words gave me confidence to work for what I wanted. But he was very careful. Though he gave confidence his words acted as a check point if I start thinking over confident. He taught me to use the potential strength within me.

Day by day his words added values to my life. He started to teach small things to me which made greater impact in me. His words gave different colored glasses for me to view the society. And amazingly, life became more colourful. I started to enjoy each and every moment of life because of his magical words. At times I wondered “OMG! This man in amazing! He knows anything and everything.”

He always stresses in sincerity. According to him sincere performance of One’s duty is the biggest form of God’s workship.

My respect and love towards his words went to the peak when he tried to cut down my “Emotional imbalances”. When people around me found my “Emotional outcomes” as a weekness, and advised me to change it, that hardly made an impact in me. But he made it! I was damn impressed about the way he looked this issue. He moulded my emotions in a positive way. He tried to bring a positive balance of my emotions by enforcing the significance of helping tendency, loving every creature, encouragement etc.

At one point of time he pulled my hands to do something beyond my routine. He said that I owe so much to the society. He showed me a different world beyond my circle and some how inspired me to work for the society. Though I am not doing that now, I am always finding opportunities for that.

Without going into deep philosophies and realities of life, he taught me basic lessons of life.

Whenever my I feel some sort of confusion in me, my mind immediately runs towards his side because I am sure that he is the person capable of leading me right. And till today he was able to answer each and every problem of mine which was put forth before him.

He taught me self respect! Showed me what love is! Injected the spirit of self confidence! Gave me energy and courage! Explained me what is success! Spoke about women empowerment! Called me to work for the society! Cultivated learning process! Gave me freedom and wisdom! And more than all he wanted me to live and love the way I am! I started to like myself!

What else is needed????

He is in all phases of my life, somehow or the other. To my surprise he is able to guide even rustic or a dull headed person like me. So he can speak and convince anyone in this world. And that’s the reason for me seeing him a real hero.

His words “Arise! Awake! And Stop not till your goal is reached” is my energy drink.



Yes! Swami Vivekananda!  He is the man who is making miracles in me. Not only me but for hundreds and thousands of fresh young minds. Somehow I am not able to treat him in par with other philosophers. I am able to view him close to my life. He is an AMMMMAZING personality.[I STRESS THE WORD]

I was craving for doing something for him all these years. Now I am blessed with an opportunity for that as I was fortunate to meet like minded youngsters. Their bonding with him is much more than mine.

Swami Vivekananda believed in the power of youth force. According to him it is only youngster hands which can create revolution. To give life to his words, we have made the first step. Yes! Few like minded hands are together now. Apart from our professional, educational and personal commitments, we have decided to give few hours for him and ONLY FOR HIM!

Now there are possibilities of three reactions after reading this note!

1.      “Yes I am also interested in working for his vision. I will spend some time.” – I know that these people will definitely ring me and ask about the project. Come on!!

2.      “I am interested in working. But unable to spend time and money” – Please don’t let your hopes down. Still you can also contribute. Feel free to contact me.

3.      “Sorry I am not interested” – Ok guys! All I can say is you are missing something big.

I am very sure that there will definitely be people who have experienced miracles like me. This is just an attempt to know who those lucky persons are!

My (Our) only aim is to make thousands of youngsters to experience millions of miracles in their life! And we are confident that the day will definitely come as we follow his words.

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success that is way great spiritual giants are produced.”


Waiting for your Response!


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I have been craving for nearly two weeks to pen this note down but unfortunately got time just now. I will come to the title line in a while.
 Being a ‘blessed daughter’ of Chennai for 23 years, I had opportunities to come across Slum areas. When I had to cross a slum area or had to go there I was somehow not able to link that with the reality and the people and the surroundings seem to be somewhat strange only for me! Not only me but many people (At least youngsters) for some reason have a same feeling.
When I said that I am going to visit a slum for an activity and spend time with them for about 3 hours, first thing my family and friends advised me was “Go safe! Be careful”! Even though the slum dwellers are also human beings like us, people are not able to treat them in par with them.
When we see movies/TV shows, read articles about slums, or rather hear stories about them, what we witness most are the negative portrayals. Slum dwellers are shown as uncultured and unclean, speaking filthy languages and living in unpleasant atmosphere. Even I was also having the same impression for so many years.
But that is not same now! As a part of our “Youth for Dharma” activities I visited few slums in the recent past. Those visits drastically changed my view and slapped me on face saying that slum dwellers have super positive aspects in them which other sections (So called Hi-fi) of the society hardly possess! I would like to share few things which attracted me more.
  • They succeed to the practice of doing things on their own. Right from constructing their own huts to even cleaning drainages of their houses, most of them do their works themselves.They are highly self dependent unlike people who even outsource their household duties.
  • They have small area based associations and clubs for different functions. They are assigned with responsibilities and they take care of day to day necessities like, Electricity, water supply, and at times even maintenance of roads. They seemed to be systematic unlike people who are ready to point our\t others for stuffs like this!
  • Though it was a general visit, most of them treated us like some guests and offered cool drinks to all of us. Many of them worried that we are walking in the hot sun and some have even gone to the extent of inviting us to have lunch with them. The hospitality that they showered on us was amazing unlike houses where dogs chase when we enter.(Awas Anjing!!)
  • It looks like they collect money from all the houses, pool them together and celebrate national and regional functions. Though not at a large scale, they at least give chocolates and share wishes unlike people who sit before the “Idiot box” throughout the day forgetting to wish their own family members.
  • In our first slum visit I interacted with some 10 to 20 family ladies. After some 2 years, even now when they see me, they will hold my hands and talk to me for few minutes unlike people who hardly say “hi” to the neighbor who is staying with you for a couple of years.
Despite all these qualities (And even more than all these) they are still viewed inferior. My worries went to the maximum after my recent slum visit to a place called “Perumal Koil Street” near Maduravoil. I found all the above credits there too.
The street was named after a temple that is situated in the centre of that area. That’s not a huge temple but was decently constructed. The temple was closed for years together and no poojas are happening there. Yearly once the slum dwellers open the temple to clean the premise out of their own funds.
After having a casual conversation with few ladies in the slum I got to know that none of the few temples situated in the slum, are functioning and they are also undergoing the pathetic phase! When I enquired the reason behind all these, it was lack of man power and money! They said they are not able to appoint a proper “Poojaari/Gurukkal” to perform poojas on a daily basis.
Here comes the title story! We have money to spend and Friends to hang out! We watch movies and go to entertainment places. We visit big temples. We spend hour’s together surfing in social networking sites. Some way or the other we keep ourselves occupied with some activity.
Imagine the pathetic situation of the slum people. They work and work and then in the weekends also they have to do their own house hold work. They hardly have time to visit big temples. What let out do they have? 
When I visited their place and invited them for a small gathering at a temple they felt so blessed, and showed so much interest to join us. When they are deprived of even such a small happiness, I don’t even have words to express my emotions.
We Indians believe in faith and have confidence in the magic of happiness that is brought in by the positive vibrations around us.  In addition to the spiritual bliss that a temple gives, lots of positive vibrations are created in the temple premises. What sin did they do for being deprived of all these?
Now the situation has gone worse to the extent that few portions of the temple wall were demolished for the sake of the next building. In my eyes, what was demolished was not just the lifeless wall built of stones but the wall made of  people’s faith and emotions. I am viewing the temple as a human being who was detained for years together. Now his hands are chopped off! My mind is thinking for some way at least to save his life, because what is drowning is the faith of hundreds of hearts which is absolutely priceless.
P.S: I am sure that there are people to “Like” this note and appreciate me for the writing. But I will really be happy if there is at least one person who will be ready to give some five minutes of the time to give a “helping hand” for the drowning faith and happiness of those poor people.
Thanks for the read!
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