I still remember that particular day. It was during my 6th standard, an announcement was made in the middle of a science class. All girls from my class were asked to assemble in our school auditorium. We were surprised to see girls of other classes waiting there already. The hall was all set for a program. A few ladies came from a reputed sanitary napkin company and showed us a video presentation, which explained about menstruation, the science behind it, ways to handle it, menstrual hygiene etc. To me, it was entirely new and only 10% of what they spoke went inside my mind. That is quite natural. We were given a kit which had a pamphlet for information and a sample sanitary pad (marketing!). This was also OK. Before we left the auditorium, our school teacher strictly instructed us not to share about the session to our fellow ‘male’ classmates. We had a tough time hiding the kit from the boys. That was the first time I asked this question to myself.

Very soon after this incident, I was invited to attend the ‘puberty event’ of a family friend where she was treated like a heroine in the entire event. In the middle of the event when her male cousin asked about what was actually happening, a senior family member intervened and said, “No. This is not for you. This is only for girls.” My mind unknowingly asked the same question once again.

There were several occasions one after the other. Slowly, I started asking the same question to people in my close circle. I got a variety of answers with a variety of emotions ranging from a blunt smile to an uncontrolled anger. Nothing convinced me. My mind refused to accept the fact that I should not talk about this like every other normal thing. On the other hand, the society which I lived in, never gave a comfort zone to discuss or reveal my opinion in this regard.

Finally, I got the boldness to talk back. It was during my early twenties when I had to search for shops in an outskirt area to purchase a napkin for a friend in an emergency. At that time, I could only find a petty shop where the shopkeeper and the customers who stood outside were all men. My friend refused to accompany me. I went all alone and asked for a sanitary napkin. The shopkeeper, after a shocked reaction, searched for something. He finally said, “I don’t have a black cover.” I said, “It’s OK,” which gave him another shock.

This is where we miserably fail. Biologically, menstruation is for women. Menstruation/menstrual health is just not restricted to 3 days of a month but it is a core component of a woman’s entire life. From hormonal balance to pregnancy, everything depends on her period rating. Whenever I try to explain the need for men to know about menstruation I see people asking one silly question, “What is the need for men to know something which they don’t experience in their life?” I can and will say, “Why not?”

For girls, their fathers are their first hero. Many look up to them for every small thing. I have seen little girls who even wish to share the story of the ‘pencil theft’ that happened in their classrooms. When they share even such minor things, imagine their expectation when it comes to a life-changing biological transformation they undergo? How do they take puberty alone? A ghost that creates a mild barrier between them and their loveable dads? Dads need not discuss a period in detail like a mom. Few words like “It’s OK. This is an important part of your life. Take it as it is,” will make a difference.

PMS “Premenstrual Syndrome” is a hurdle that every woman faces month after month. This is not just for menstruating women but even for pregnant ladies and for ladies after menopause. The degree of physical pain and the mental pressure they undergo varies from woman to woman (in fact, it varies from one period to another for the same woman). Through all this, women work at home and outside home. They run behind kids. They attend social events and do everything during a period which they do otherwise.

They may have to smile when they just want to sit and cry. They may have to host an event when they actually want to sleep and rest. At that time, however strong and independent they are, their mind craves for care and concern from their loved ones.

It is definitely not possible for men to understand what women go through during their period. But knowledge about their menstrual health makes a difference. Every man should know what menstruation is – beyond the vague idea that it is just a 3-day women’s thing. As a fellow human being, it is really important for a man to know about the menstrual health of women. They should know how to treat her and more importantly how she wants herself to be treated at that time.

Menstruation is not a girl/woman thing. It is meant for everyone. Menstrual education and awareness are important for everyone irrespective of their gender.

If 10 is the age for girls to start knowing about menstruation, then at the same age boys should be taught about the science of menstruation and not as something that is not relevant to them.

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As a Mahanati’s fan

Nadigayar Thilagam /Mahanati, the biopic of “Savitri amma” has hit the theatres to surprise the Tamil and Telugu Audience. The movie is all about the unknown (Or lesser known) side of the legendary actress who ruled Tamil and Telugu Cinema for a greater period.

Before discussing about the technicality of the movie, the first thing that deserves huge appreciation is the boldness of the crew in attempting to posturize a star performer’s personal life, that too when the same is filled with more complexities. Not just in the idea, but the team scored very well in its execution.

Savitri’s life has three phases. First was her childhood before acting. Second was her success journey and her well supporting love life. Third was her downfall both in professional and family life.

Thankfully the movie focused more on the first two stages and handled the third one in polished way. For someone who has read more about Savitri’s last life, the one covered in the movie looks 1/10th of what she actually underwent in her last days. Thanks to the script maker for not touching the worst portions of her personal life in a deeper way.

Next best decision that the movie makers made was casting of Keerthy Suresh as Savitri. She has done a fantastic job in the movie. Doing a period film is not easy. That too, doing the role of a legendary actress who has made a mark for her expression and mannerism is huge task. This is not just an acting. Demonstrating even things like, walking, dance movements, smile and mannerisms of someone who belong to previous generation needs lot of back end preparation. Keerthy Suresh nailed it with perfection. The amount of hard work and involvement she has invested in this movie is visible in every minute. Let us leave her performance apart. The audience were put to such a surprise when they actually saw Savitri in every frame. In many places we were made to believe that this is just a video shoot of Savitri’s personal life and not someone is ‘Acting.’ Keerthy Suresh – Take a bow!

Dulquer Salman has done a best job as Gemini Ganesan. The major qualification for the “Kadhal Mannan” character is not just his acting, but the magic of love visible in his eyes. Having said that, Dulquer for this role is over qualified. The way he tries to convince savitri for a marriage and the scenes where he pampers her are the cutest. Samantha’s maturity in performance glares in many places. Vijay Dhevarakonda, Prakash Raj, and rest of the cast have done justice to their roles.

Fifty percent of the movie’s success should be credited to the costume designers and artwork. The movie was a visual treat too. Sets were made with minor perfection. Dialogues too shine in many places, most of which are one-liners. The dialogue sequence that happens at the time of their secret marriage needs a special mention. All the songs, (especially the theme song) were brilliant in terms of visuals, audio and the lyrics.

Before and after the release of this movie, there are lot of articles and editorials about Savitri’s life circulated in social media. They blame two things for the downfall of her personal life – 1Marriage (Seriously?) with Gemini Ganesan 2. Alcohol consumption. Both are to be dismissed at the basic level.

She married Gemini, fully knowing the fact that he was already married and has kids. Also the fact that he was 16 years elder to her was also already known. People say “Love is blind.” No. It is not. In fact, it gives you an additional view. Love makes a man or a women to view something special or something beautiful in the counterpart which they don’t see in anyone else. Love is a magic. It can happen at any time and with anyone. Every couple view ups and downs in married life. That by itself cannot be termed as abusive. For many, the bitter thing that they witnessed in the second half of their life was more visible. To me, it looked trivial when compared to the way they fell for each other, the way they took their relationship breaking social barriers, the way they accepted each other as they are and the way they tasted success together in their profession.


To me, it appeared that her downfall was because of few wrong business decisions that she made and trusting people who later taught her a bitter lesson. This is not something new or uncommon. Every one of us face this in some point of time in a different degree. It was her life and she lived it to the fullest. It is enough that we restrict our judgments to her acting and not to have our endorsed opinions on her personal life.

On the whole, this movie is the best dedication to this queen who broke stereotypes in a male dominated industry. Worth watching even more than once.

Thanks for the read!










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Lakshmi – A common woman’s view

“Lakshmi”-.This Tamil short film is viral in social media especially in facebook. The movie came up with great reviews from men and women especially youngsters. people have gone to the extent of even sharing that this movie is a slap on the faces of men who did not treat their wives like humanbeings. Tags like “Women”, “Real women”, “Empowering women” are also visible.

I am not going deep into the screenplay, acting, background score and dialogues. I am trying to restrict my views only with respect to the manner in which this subject is handled.

The story line revolves around how life drives a normal middle class working woman to choose a relationship ( Not sure if this word is apt) outside marriage after losing hopes in her husband. And people calls this empowerment. Seriously?

Wait! Don’t attempt to justify her act and support her move without reading this in full. I am not debating on the legal/moral barriers against women choosing a relationship outside marriage.

Portraying woman with such a weak mindset is no where close to empowerment in my opinion. It is foolishness. The movie shows a woman taking care of her routine, does her household chores, take care of her kid and her husband, have sex with her husband and in addition to that goes to a daily job. I am not able to see any amount of cruelty in any of the above acts for the lady to complain and cry. What is seriously so abnormal here for people to over react when majority of women in this society do over and above these?

Some say that the husband treats her like an object and she is being ‘used’. Taking care of a man with whom you share your life is a liability? There are women who are subjected to physical abuse and violence. There are wives of drunkards and drug addicts who in spite of bearing the torture from their husbands bring up their children by themselves without any kind of financial or physical or emotional support. There are women who trash such cruel and useless men from their life and live independently in this world and making their mark. When compared to such women, what lakshmi underwent in the story is very minimal. One justification which she can give herself may be the anonymous phone call received by her husband.

Lakshmi’s husband is not a superhero. He is an average middle-class man who leads a machine like life with his work and family. So what? Is that a crime? I too agree that he is’nt supportive or understanding. They don’t seem to share a great relationship. Agreed. Isn’t she equally responsible for that? Not even in one scene she is trying to make any effort to express her love. How will that make a woman fall for a random guy without knowing anything about him just for a sake of few bharathiyar poems (She doesn’t even seem to understand). So what is the message that this movie maker is trying to convey? A man who is an artist and who recites poems is superior and an average man who is not able to or fails to express his love and concern is inferior? If women start measuring a man’s love with such stupid yardsticks, then more than 50% of the marriages only fail.

Another stupidity I saw in the reviews is “She was used by her husband for sex.”  I somehow feel that the theory of using one’s own wife for sex itself is highly chauvinistic. Sex is not just a husband’s /men’s thing. It is a mutual feeling/interest/importance/happiness for men as well as women. So who is using whom? There is no question of  gain/ loss in a relationship and even if so, it is not gender specific. Nowhere in the movie it is shown that he is forcing her for anything. So I am not able to understand why people bring such arguments here again and again.

I am not against showing women bold or revolutionary. I love to watch women dominating or feminist movies. Movies like Magair mattum ( Old one), Kalyana agathigal, Manathil Uruthi vendum etc are my all time favorite and I watch them even today with same excitement. They gave different perspective to women empowerment and how women fight back in the world surrounded by challenges. Having said that, seeing people calling movies like this as empowerment is laughable.

Every piece of artistic work is subject to public criticism. In the last one year I have seen many short films half of which are really amazing and the rest of them are average and worst ones too. But the over reaction to this movie is what made me to write this and I repeat, I am not criticizing the artistic skills expressed by the team. But with respect to the concept I oppose this in full.

Thanks for the read!



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MERSAL – Mission Accomplished

This is definitely not the first movie of Vijay to face severe criticisms, trolls, controversies and political interference. But this time the level of all the above is higher than the expected level. Before we get into the controversies, we will first discuss what we see in the screen.

The storyline is very simple and predictable and as many must be aware, the hero(es) try their level best to convey a powerful message to the society about the corruption in hospital industry and medical negligence. (Whether the message is conveyed in an effective manner or not is something I will leave it to the viewers). For someone who is a Vijay fan, the movie is a visual treat for one reason – Vijay, Vijay and Vijay all over. However they may also be disappointed for one reason – The super energetic attitude, body language and mild sense of humor, which are some of the uniqueness of Vijay’s movies, are slightly lacking in this movie. I was thinking that there are three heroines in the movie, but the movie made two of them (Kajal and Samantha)  play only guest roles. Nithya Menon on the other hand did justice to her small role. Even the antagonist SJ Suryah, was underutilized (Especially after seeing his performance in Spyder). Vadivelu, Sathyaraj and Kovai Sarala too were not given much screen space to perform. The screenplay is decent (there are many speed breakers though). Seeing Vijay’s terrific action sequences in his previous movies (Especially in Kaththi and Thuppakki), the action sequences in this movie are disappointing too. Background score lifted the scenes up in so many places. However the songs other than “Aalaporan Tamizhan” are average. Most of the important knots in the story are predictable. On the whole, the movie is decent (giving consideration to its flaws and factual errors). Even though it has a powerful subject, the force and perfection in execution is not up to the mark.

Let us come to the controversy part:

The movie is condemned by different political and non- political groups as well as individuals for the following:

  1. The dialogue in which Vijay draws a comparison between India and Singapore claiming that Singapore which levies a comparatively lesser GST provides free Medical services to the people as against India which levies a higher GST rate.
  2. He claims that there is No GST levied on liquor but medicines are under the tax slab of 12%
  3. The scene where he asks to build hospitals instead of temples.
  4. The comedy track where Vadivelu mocks at digital India concept.
  5. Calling doctors to offer services by charging just five rupees and showing hospitals and doctors in a negative color (Doing business at the cost of lives).

With respect to 1 and 2, both the statements are factually wrong and it was already well explained by many in their writings. While medical services are not “Free” in Singapore as claimed by the hero, the fact that liquor is not under GST slab is gross miscommunication. Any common man who sees the movie will only infer that liquor is a “Tax Free” commodity when the reality is that the taxes that were applicable before GST are still applicable for them. Even if Vijay/ Atlee and the team claims that these factual errors are unintentional (They haven’t made any statement on this so far), it is a breach of social responsibility. Heroes who have a mass fan following are duty bound to take ample care in each and every word they utter in the screen. I however strongly suspect that these are mere errors. If these statements are made with an intention to create confusion, then it is criminal on the part of the hero as well as the entire crew, who try to do false propaganda against one among the nation’s greatest legislative reform. And not just the director but the actor and the entire crew should be held responsible for this.

Let us come to No. 3.When I heard this statement being opposed, I felt the same too. It is not at all fair to compare temples and hospitals. Yes. Hospitals are important and we need them in every village. But my question was on the necessity to compare them with building temples. Not because it was Vijay, but when our Hon’ble PM said ““We have to build shauchalaya [toilets] before devalaya [temples]”. My contention there was the same – “What is the necessity to draw the comparison”. Every dialogue in any film has to be viewed in its contextual background. I am not going to explain the scene here and break the bubble. But to my view, the statement which was subject to huge criticism was not the same that was shown in the movie. There is a significant difference. Even then I have a difference again, but the opposition showered against this particular statement is exaggeration and over reaction.

With respect to digital India, there was a comedy scene trying to mock “cashless” India concept. As a supporter of this initiative, I felt highly offended. Again, we should understand that everyone has their freedom of speech and expression. Even before the movie, Vijay has openly stated that the demonetization and digital India are not properly implemented and people suffer without money. We have every right to give factual rebuttals. But no one other than the Censor Board can call for its removal.

With respect to point No, 5, I was really fed up with the critics who over reacted with their comments. Not even in one place the movie wanted all the hospitals/doctors to charge Rs. 5 for treatment. The movie insists on only one aspect again and again – Quality treatment/ medicines should be available to everyone irrespective of their economic strength. Isn’t that fair enough? The hero again and again says that government should ensure the same and failure on the part of the government hospitals are forcing people to rush to corporate (money making) hospitals irrespective of their ability to pay. There were scenes in the first half which show how people ranging from an ambulance driver to the surgeon play with a poor girl’s life for the sake of money. None of us can deny the facts which he stated after the GST part of his speech narrating the atrocities happened in Govt hospitals.

I have 2 questions here – Is that not happening in today’s society? Is this the first movie to showcase this? Why so much hatred? And comments like “Ask Vijay to act a movie for Rs.5” “Why are tickets sold at a higher rate?” etc. are laughable.

Coming to the flip side of the coin, the movie is not a clean chit. People only blew few things again and again and made a fuss. But there are many minor incidents and dialogues (Even mannerisms too) which are framed with clear political (mal) intention. One among them is the zoom into newspaper which Vijay was holding which many fail to notice.

Actor Vijay’s intention to make a political entry in future is known to everyone. (In fact before many years). I will definitely not say that this movie is the first to hint that. The political colour was clearly visible in his earlier movies too. Let us forget about movies like, ‘Thalaivaa’ and ‘Kaththi’ in which the picture was very open. Even in movies like ‘Theri’, ‘Jilla’, ‘Thuppakki’, ‘Puli’ and ‘Kavalan’, we were able see his future interest popping up either in songs or some dialogues. Like every other citizen, Vijay has a right to enter politics. So as others. Mere fact that he is a cinema actor will not disqualify him from becoming a politician. On the other hand, the same factor cannot be a qualification too. As an actor, he can only impress his fans. But as a leader, he should be able to inspire and influence his followers. Giving that a consideration, I feel Vijay need to travel to a greater distance to even achieve half of it. Movie is one medium that can influence people (B & C audience too). Being a great fan of Vijay from school days, I am now happy to see his choices of movies in the last few years (Exceptions are there). Earlier my reply to anti-Vijay fans were “I am his fan irrespective of his movie’s success”. And now I am able to see many of them even accepting and acknowledging the fact that his movies these days are good.

IF, as claimed by many, Vijay and the crew wanted to use this movie as a platform for his political career in future, the movie on its own is highly insufficient to achieve that goal. The movie isn’t strong enough to convey the message. However, the over-hype given by few political leaders, group of individuals, Vijay-haters and social media warriors took this movie to greater heights which wouldn’t have happened if the movie was let free from all these.  Theatres are full on a Monday afternoon and every ‘alleged’ dialogue received huge applauds from the audience. In fact I was able to hear people saying that the controversies have triggered them to watch the movie, which otherwise wouldn’t have happened. The “Mersal – Crew” and die hard Vijay fans should stop complaining for the controversies and thank them for taking the movie to a greater height which otherwise would have been little difficult.



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The lost pages of childhood

This is yet another attempt to ventilate my longtime anger towards this present generation!

Before I step into the topic, I would like to clarify something. Many may wonder if I am “technically” qualified to write on this subject. I am yet to become a parent. That doesnt technically disqualify me to write in this area because, the time and effort that I have invested with kids all these years cannot be measured. In fact the result of such acts are always visible when the child refuses to leave me.

Couple of years back when I was an active blogger, I have written articles about one among my areas of interest – Children. So far my writings, actions and everything only portrayed the positive aspects of childhood. [In fact a portion of it]. For the first time, I am writing something negative with respect to Children belonging to this present generation.

Hold on. I am not that type of human being who keep saying that “When I was at your age………………”. In fact I am the one who always try to acknowledge and appreciate the developments that these generation kids were exposed to when compared what was the situation earlier. I welcome that as well.

But in spite of all the developments, I am shocked to see something is going wrong with children these days.

When I was newly married and settled with my husband’s family, as usual, the first two friends for me in that area belonged to the age group of 2-6. In a week’s time I befriended them and they started enjoying my company.( Me too). After a month’s time when I joined my work back, I started returning home late because of my long distance travel. That was when I noticed that my little friends were desperately waiting for me everyday and almost every alternative day they immediately dropped into my home and wanted to spend time with me. When observed closely they said they didn’t have anyone to “Play” ( Creative games) with them and tell them “Stories” ( other than Crow-Fox and Rabbit-Tortoise).

From then on I started observing many kids closely. One reason they found interesting in me was the way I played with them and the stories I told them every time.

I am no-way close to a sporty person. But, till the age 14, I spent every alternative evenings outside home with a bunch of friends. Cycling and roaming in the same streets again and again never failed to entertain us. From “Lock and Key” to “Hide and Seek” we tried our hands (and legs ofcourse) on almost every single games. Games like opening a grocery store, running a medical clinic (have even organised a court scene with a Judge) improved our creativity and crafting skills. For winning “word building” and “Name – Place – Animals – Things”, we memorize names of cities and animals starting with all alphabets. There was not even a single help from any of our parents. There was no you-tube and at the maximum we spent 1 or 2 hours in a week before TV.

Coming back to stories, for most of us, Rama and Krishna were our childhood heroes. The stories of Alwars and Nayanmars were told to us again and again. Vikram- Vedha, Akbal- Birbal , Thenali were not only stories for us but were teachers in someway or the other. Lives of Ramanuja, Kannappa Nayanar were told to us not only as a story but they injected the true spirit of social responsibility. In fact the way Nammalvar accepted little girl Andal’s Bakthi in wearing the garland taught us Bakthi and devotion in true sense. Stories of Harichandran – Chandramathi, Nalan-Dhamayanthi, Kannagi – Kovalan, moral stories based on Thirukkural, Pancha Tantra stories not only made our childhood very colorful but made us apply the learning in some phase of our lives. Even when there is a sibling fight, we related that to Muruga and Vinayaga and cherished them. That nurtured the book reading habits in many of us.

I will not say that all the above are completely lost today. There are still available here and there. But sadly many kids don’t even know 15% of the above stories. I am seeing parents giving electronic gadgets to children before even they step into school. These days the YouTube videos take the mom’s role to make the babies eat/sit in one place. Mobile games on the other hand takes the role of the father to put the babies into sleep. And slowly they get addicted to them and after a point the parents start blaming that they are over-attracted to phone. In fact for few, it is a matter of pride to say that the kid operates I-pad at the age of 2 and sees youtube videos. [Exactly in the same tone, when our parents told outsiders about their kids were reciting poetries/telling names of countries and their capitals].

The Gadgets not only took away the parent-kid rapport but also their childhood and physical activities. The very basic attribute of a kid is its innocence. When we have a close look at a kid’s behaviour, the impact that these games have created inside them is irreparable. Most prominent games teach them violence, non-acceptance of failure and after a point of time, they slowly become rigid and inflexible. Blue-Whale game which killed the life of people was banned. Now what is the result of numerous games,  which kill the innocence and softness of kids? I was even shocked to hear that there are games which undress a girl doll. [The game was not even under 18].

I will still not blame them. The blame has to be shifted to their parents, families, teachers and the society on the whole. I understand that a kid in this competitive world should perform well to come out with flying colours. Proper guidance and care is obviously necessary for that. But the care and concern at a point crosses its level and forces the kid to shoulder burden more than his/her capacity. Today there is an alarming rise in child psychiatrists. On the other hand, looking at the bottom line of the society, juvenile criminals are also increasing ( To be precise the gravity of crimes committed by the Juvenille criminal is increasing)

Fortunantely when we were raised, there were joint families. Mothers mostly stay home looking after the kids. Today in the environment of both the parents working, children go to daycare centres or raised by care takers. Even after giving due consideration to this fact, the way in which the parents raise their children, definitely needs reconsideration. The parents should play a pivotal role in a kid’s personal life, not just because of the love they share with the kid, but for the sake of responsibility they owe towards the society. Failure on this part will not only impact the kid’s life but may also cause a threat to the society.  Secondly teachers and schools should also play their part well. If a kid is struggling to pick up the subjects, its OK. The role of the educational institution is to tone the kid, after giving due consideration to his/her abilities and disabilities. But in many cases, the examination systems and the evaluating mechanisms are only breeding inferiority complex inside the kids and enmity among children.

As I have already said, I am not a parent yet. I cannot be a Judge for anyone’s case. But seeing what is happening around me, made me to write this. Parents should spend some time with the children. Listen to them; Play with them. Don’t dictate them; Tell them good stories; Identify their abilities, strengths and Weaknesses. Put them into some extra curricular activities, only if they are interested. You need not control each and every acts but have an eye on what they are up to. And most importantly GIVE THEM A COMFORT ZONE to share anything and everything under the sky. That is most important and healthy.

Every page of our LifeBook is very important. When a kid grows up and decides to turn the pages back, the pages should be filled with their parents and more lively things and not with the gadgets and virtual characters.

Thanks for the patient read!




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Slow poison serial killers

For many, one of the important part of their life is watching TV serials in various Tamil channels. For some it is just another entertainment and for many it as important as their filter coffee in the morning.

If we observe these serials in a very plain perspective they may only seem boring or at the maximum, they can irritate. But upon a deep observation one can very well come to a conclusion that more than its stupidity, the element of venom that these serials slowly inject in the minds of people is threatening.

Here are few of my observations commonly prevailing in most of the serials:

  1. Vengeance among family members:

Almost in all the serials, personal vengeance among one’s one family members is vital component. The very same serials when they were launched were advertised as promotion of joint family / family values. And first few months they show the cuteness in joint families, their emotions, likes and dislikes in a colorful manner. Many women who watch them predominantly fall in the category of “Housewives”. They naturally start feeling that these serials are just extended part of their families and gradually they establish personal connect with these characters. Once the TRP rating reaches the maximum point, the cruel faces of the serials are revealed. For instance, an evil son who is objected by his straight forward father goes to the extent of killing him. A daughter in law tries to slap her father in law for a silly reason. A cruel sister in law causes miscarriage to her brother’s wife who gets pregnant years after marriage just for the sake of property. A mother tries to fabricate an extra marital story for her son’s wife and trashes her away for the sole reason of bringing another woman who can afford dowry.

  1. Crime committed at an ease:

It is natural that newspapers and TV channels cover crimes happening in the society, But TV serials give elaborate tutorials as to how such crimes can easily be committed without any difficulty. They teach how to black mail or threaten with secret videos. They teach how to kidnap kids and extract favors from their respective parents. They teach how to abduct women and commit crimes against her without even revealing the identity to the victim. In fact after committing a murder they will also give a checklist on what are all the criminal should ensure to safeguard himself from getting caught. And of course how to frame charges against someone who is completely unaware of the scenario.

  1. Their wrong take on Police and Courts:

This is another irritating factor that commonly appears almost in all cases. They show Police and Court as useless and it is only the hero/heroine who take all efforts for rendering justice. Every time when a court scene appears in a serial, my mind automatically detects the mistakes/ flaws in the scene (Both on law and procedure). It is only possible in serials where the police is not able to find out a criminal just because of the fact that he is wearing a different wig and cap. Also it is only possible in a serial that the court punishes a person with death sentence in few days of arrest with just only one eye witness. And the highlight is there are only few seconds left for his execution, the jailor gets a message from a Judge stating that he is not guilty. Being an Advocate by profession, I see all these scenes with a sense of humor and move on. But on the other hand, they indirectly try to inject a negative opinion in the mindset of the people that going to courts and approaching a police station will not fetch any legal benefit and it is only through illegal means one can achieve the desired results.

  1. Extra marital relationships:

In those days, one out of 10 serials show extra marital affairs as a side track of the story. But today 9 out of 10 serials will definitely have more than one unnatural relationships and that proudly remain in the main story track. Let us even ignore the extra marital relationships. These serials go even beyond these. It is so difficult to even name one serial because almost in every serial, there will be at least one woman who tries to marry a man who is already married and play all cheap tricks to separate the couple. For instance, in a prime time serial, a man tries to marry another’s wife and kidnaps her.  The whole city police and with the family members roam throughout the city to chase them and the story line was maintained for months together after which the wife was safeguarded. And in another serial which has a wide reach, a man tries to lure his friend who has applied for a divorce and who is pregnant and threatens her to marry him. What kind of thoughts they try to inflict on the minds of children who at times watch these serials with parents/ grandparents?

  1. Vulgarity and violence:

The general mindset prevailing in the society is violence are projected less in serials when compared to the silver screen. I agree with this logic for serials that were directed few years back. But unfortunately that is not the case today. It is so sad to see vulgarity in picture, dialogues and background scores. It may or may not be required for the story. And for violence and cruelty, I need not give any examples and it is so obvious.

I am not here to offend or criticize, serial makers or actors here. The point I am trying to make is, why so much of negativity being slowly injected into the viewers?  Here are my views with respect to such serials:

  1. Ours is a value driven society. I do agree that there are people who ignore these values and commit various criminal acts. But why should the same be portrayed? Instead why these serials can’t be made to uphold our values? One thing most of these serials show is finally good triumphs over evil. Agreed. But out of 3000 episodes, evil is shown in 2900 episodes and when good triumphs in the last few episodes, the serial comes to an end. So what is the residue?
  2. I understand their concern about the society in spreading awareness about various crimes happening in and around the city. Well done. But why can’t they give a meaningful solution for such crimes. For instance they show women blackmailed with their secret videos. But they fail to show that if such situation arises, how should women boldly handle such incidents and report the criminals.
  3. Today many young mothers or grandmothers keep their children together while seeing these serials. I have seen kids watching these serials with interest. When I observed them closely, I am able to see unwanted maturity in their speech and attitude which is not at all advisable for their age. It will destroy their childhood innocence. Ignore grown up kids. An unemployed pregnant women seeing such serials is even more dangerous.
  4. Today most of the viewers are women and they see this day and day out. Out of them, majority are less educated, aged and unemployed. When they continuously see the same thing again and again, it will slowly start poisoning their minds.
  5. What is mindset of elders who go deeply inside the serial and cry for the sorrows of characters inside?

If these concerns are answered in a proper manner, I will give a warm welcome to these serials as they act as a full time companion for many women. If not, then I will say that these are only slow poison “SERIAL” killers who target the families.

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I am just sharing my personal experience here, which MAY or MAY NOT suit other friends from this profession. Also this is not an attempt to convey any hidden message to anyone. This is merely an attempt to make you smile for a moment. If the attempt succeeds, then fine! If it does not, then you are free to drop your views!

Being a lawyer, I am blessed with an interesting professional life. Apart from cases and law books, many incidents outside my professional front add flavor to my life. When I introduce myself a Lawyer/Advocate, or even friends who know me for quite some time share some dialogues. Many of them are interesting, some or boring and at times some irritate me as well.

Sharing some funny dialogues that I hear frequently just because I am a Lawyer.

  1. “You look soft and quiet. How do you argue in court?”

From the day I decided to join law, I keep hearing this dialogue from people around me. Sometimes to my surprise people who meet me for the first time deliver this dialogue as soon as they know about my profession (I don’t know how can they judge me in one meeting?!?!) Before I actually started to take up court practice, this dialogue instilled some kind of fear in me that I am little less qualified for the profession. But after I decided my areas of practice and started appearing before courts, I really felt that court practice does not always need a roaring voice and dramatic expressions ALONE but confidence in legal knowledge and ability to present things in bold and best way.

  1. I am going to handover my divorce case to you in future… LOL

I am forced to add “LOL” to this dialogue because, when most people make this statement, they expect me to laugh. [Very Funny!] At times, even unmarried men/women try to tell this and expect a reply from me. Sometimes, I give a smile and at times I give a weird look and move on. At times when I try to convey that this is not my area of practice, then the next question would be “Any interesting (?!?!) reasons behind this?”

  1. “I don’t think Advocates can earn well. Why can’t to try some office job?”

This is something that puts me down at times, when I get to hear even from people belonging to this profession. I don’t want to talk more on this here. Whenever I get this statement my answer was always only one – “If office job was my target, then I would not have wasted my 5 years in a law school.

7.“Advocates can only take adjournments and drag cases”

Whenever I hear this stupid statement, I get mixed emotions seeing their ignorance. The reality is different. Taking an adjournment is not always a joke. And there are multiple incidents where are Advocates are forced to take adjournments and for safeguarding the interests of the clients.


The wrong action done at the wrong time spells disaster; The right action done at the wrong time spells resistance; The wrong action done at the right time spells mistake but The right action done at the right time spells a miracle

– John C Maxwell

  1. Comparison with silly movie characters

This is yet another irritating factor that I come across day in and out. I see people comparing me with some silly movie characters. Such movies depict advocates as comedy characters and clowns and they run from pillar to post to get a case. To be frank there are thousands of movies and stories that has portrayed advocates which huge respect. In fact such books and movies were one among the many factors that influenced my dream to take law as my profession when I was in my early teen. Such so called funny portrayals happen to other professionals too. Comparison with those characters can never upset me. But hearing the same story from different persons and at times from the same person is always boring.

  1. Lawyers end up supporting criminals.

This is yet another generalized statement from non-lawyers, many of whom don’t even know what exactly a lawyer’s job is. Without even knowing that I am a corporate lawyer, people put this question to me “If a person commits murder and comes to you will you bail him out?” When I answer in negative (Obviously because I don’t take up criminal cases), they immediately jump up and say that I am lying and I will obviously take up the case if I get one [Without allowing me to speak any further]. God please save them!

  1. Lawyers are liars.

I think I have heard this statement more than million times in last few years from my school going cousin to age old relative. I have tried and answered 100 probable answers when I was asked why lawyers are lying. No use at all. Let us leave our personal lives apart. Professionally speaking, right from a small shop vendor to a CEO of huge MNC, who is not lying in their professional front? An advertisement of a fairness cream deliberately lies in front of millions of people that the usage of the cream will turn a tanned skin bright in few days. After a point of time, I stopped replying for this stupid statement like I do for others like this.

  1. Expectation to have expertise in all fields of law.

Law is an ocean. There are plenty of legislations that are operative even today and there are periodical amendments too. It is just not possible for a law school to fit all of them in their syllabus. Once people become a legal practitioner, they choose a specific line of practice and excel in them. With respect to the other areas they have mere basic knowledge of the field and they can guide better upon reference. The most common problem I face is difficulty in explaining my area of practice which is quite uncommon for individuals to understand as they might not have come across such cases. Problem does not ends there. They will end up asking you some random question from a random legislation and expect you to give a fingertip answer with detailed explanation. When you stop with just a basic reply, then the next statement is “As a lawyer you need to give detailed explanation”. My mind voice says “Yes. We are lawyers and not Encyclopedia”

  1. How can a lawyer like you be emotional? 

So who told that a lawyer should not have emotions? Why can’t they laugh loud or cry when they are down? Obviously lawyers too have emotions like every others. Heights is when I fight with my parents / family members, they immediately react “It is wrong on our part to allow you to become a lawyer and you are arguing with me!” The actual fun here is my sister and other cousins who are not lawyers argue more than me during fights and their professions were never dragged 😦

  1. “Don’t show your Advocate skills here”

This is not a funny dialogue but the most silly statement that I frequently come across not just in my personal life but also in movies, novels etc. I recently came across this dialogue in a book: “You are a lawyer only outside and remove your profession outside the house and step inside” Is that a footwear to remove outside? To me, legal profession is just not Acts and Sections. It is the place where a person can learn several lessons including logical Application of mind, organized behavior, leadership skills, ability to listen, handling risks etc. I can add more. In my opinion being a lawyer at home, makes one a better person in personal life too rather than someone who is not fit for a family.

None of these dialogues can put a break in a lawyer’s faith in the profession. However at times, when I am mocked or abused with a wrong intention, I could not restrain myself from opposing these such statements (Of course when they are directed with a wrong intention and not mere funny statements). It is not possible for everyone to know about the tremendous revolution and Judicial activism that my forefathers in this profession gifted to this society. It is equally unfair on my part to expect everyone to praise this profession. Like every other profession, even legal profession has its own pros and cons. Also there are good and bad precedents. My only concern is let us not carry any general presumptions about any profession [Both good and bad], because such statements may contain risk of demotivating at least one out of hundred young minds who want to take up the profession.

Next time I will come up with perks of being a lawyer.

Thanks for the read!


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The title of this note may give a curiosity to someone to know about it’s context. Some may think that this will be something interesting and many may think that is going to be yet another boring write up of my personal experience! No comments to all of them. let me proceed further.

Yes! this is yet another summary of my personal perspective (Dont know if this will be boring or not)on a very common agenda, that too , most of us face each and every day in some form or the other.

With respect to the use of public transport, I was pampered (One among the few aspects) enough till my high school days where I hardly used any such kind of transports even till the end of my school days. My college life which began in the year 2006 started with tiring bus travel for hours together as I was multitasking with two professional courses at the same time. At that point of time, I had only one responsibility upon me which was to Study and Improve my credentials and nothing more or nothing less. Travel at that time was never a burden to me and I enjoyed it in the company of cell phone music.

Then that was my last year of college followed by my beginning days of my profession where I used my two wheeler to commute. I felt the real blessing of “time saving” and was able to do lot of things with the help of my bike. In fact just to save time, I applied only for offices within 8 to 10km radius and can be crossed in just 30 to 40 minutes. Life was happy and interesting till then.

The third phase of my my life commenced when I got married and settled in a suburb and decided to continue my work. With the support of my husband and my in -laws, I decided to take up long public transport travel once again in my life.

In fact I never had opportunities to travel in electric trains before. Electric train travels were totally new to me. People around encouraged me saying that travel in a first class compartment will not be an issue and I can enjoy. I made up my mind too. But that’s not what I faced in reality.

My initial days of travel were just pathetic. Too much of physical strain, infections, allergies and mood swings and stress destroyed my peace at the beginning. The fact was that, I heard train sound in my subconscious mind when I was in deep sleep.But yes! slowly I started enjoying the train travel. Not because of anything but the stunning reality that made me realize so many things.

Travel in a local train showed different sections of the society to me. I started interacting with my co passengers, small vendors and even a transgender too who used to come in evening trains frequently. For many, life is not so easy. I saw dozens of people who travel 5 times the distance that I travel every day just for a loaf of bread. 50% of their life revolved around the train. They eat, sleep, dress up, socialize, relax, read etc etc in trains only. All I am able to say is their salaries could never do justice to the sacrifice that they do.

When a woman who is as old as my mother can travel twice my distance for the sake of her family , when a kid who is just half my age is travelling three times of my distance for the sake of his education, when a granny who has crossed seventies can travel twice my distance just for the sake of her livelihood, why can’t a young woman run for her profession which is also her passion? There was the motivation and yes, I was fully energized seeing them.

One major aspect that is still lying in my mind is the plight of school children who are provided with free pass to travel in first class compartments. Without knowing the Government’s initiative on this, people who travel in first class compartments throw abusive words on them as if they are cheating on railways and vent all their frustrations of the compartment being full! What is their problem in bashing these children is what I don’t know. I wish some announcements or notification in this regard has to published at least for these poor children who are being cursed in the beginning of their day.

Another thing that came to my mind is those who travel in foot boards. It is so sick to see small boys (school guys) geiing carried away by these and travel in foot boards even in empty trains. I wish some serious steps to be taken in this regard, as the loss if occurred will be very huge!

I could not continue working there due to various reasons and there comes an end to my electric train days. But hats off to each and every soul who energetically travel so long and continue to travel! I would seriously wish that their travelling condition needs to be improved a lot

Here comes the next segment of my travel life which occurred for last one year when I shifted my work place to a different area. Here time was not a constraint for me as I took up work as a consultant. I was initially travelling only few days of a week and only lesser hours of day. I used to take share autos right from Ambattur to T.Nagar completely. It was actually a bliss for me in the beginning as I need not wait for hours together for bus and I can SIT and travel.

But later when the duration increased I was slowly able to face difficulties in taking such a long journey in share autos.

Most of the drivers never think about any ethics, road safety, or about the plight of the passengers. In their view the passengers will be treated with respective price tags even though the maximum will be just Rs.40. (Luckily I am one among the maximum paying person because of distance)

If a person who wants to travel for so long stops the share auto the person who gets down in few stops has to adjust or at times are forced to exit. I have even been is such autos where even 13 persons traveled at the same time in peak hours. They were not stopped in any of the traffic police booths. Even if they stop, things will continue the same. This was shocking to me in the beginning but as time flew I got used to something which was unusual.

The freaking part about this is when women travel in share autos in suburban areas at unusal times. I have faced this several times when my share auto crosses Padi and most of my co passengers get down by then.

Sometimes, these share auto guys take us in a different un usal routes claiming that they are avoiding traffic. Your normal blood pressure shoots up at that time, as such roads hardly have any lights. To add flavor to this will be that moment when some random men pitch in when the there will be only one woman.

I completely agree with the fact that not all men are criminals and people cannot be judged by their looks. Perfect! But what is happening today in the world have to be taken into consideration and there is nothing wrong in being cautious.

Predominantly when I come across such situations, what I will do is mostly one among these – To call up my husband / some male friend who are in an accessible distance and inform in a casual manner about my place of travel with a landmark irrespective of the fact whether they know it or not – Switch on GPS and try tracking my location and make sure that I am not deviating far from my destination – Try to find out in a friendly manner from the auto driver or other passengers about the road (Not in a suspicious manner for sure)

I am not asking everyone to suspect / freak out when such situations arise but it is always good for our safety that we should be cautious enough of what are we upto!

And now my share auto phase too had came to an end and I have started my two wheeler days again. Though both of these days where difficult and tiring, it was a great learning for me and I enjoyed it in someway:)

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Every month has its own significance and divinity for people in the country to celebrate. When looking at the significance of the month of “Margazhi”, it is undoubtedly nothing but “Kothai” more popularly known as “Andal” and her significant literature on Lord Shri Vishnu which is a set of 30 pasurams (hymns) called “Thiruppavai” .

Andal is one among the 12 Alwars in the ancient south India, who dedicated themselves in their Bhakthi towards Shri Vishnu. (Vaishnavam)

Birth and Earlier life:

Kothai, who is considered to be a reincarnation of Bhumi Devi ( Mahalakshmi ) was discovered by Periazhwar, under a Thulsi plant of the temple garden in Srivilliputhur. He named her as “Kothai” which means a beautiful garland.  As the daughter of Periazhwar, Kothai grew up with excellent knowledge and Bhakthi towards Lord Krishna like her father.

Her love towards Krishna:

As she grew older her Bhakthi and devotion towards Lord Krishna enhanced day by day. She experienced pure love and bliss in chanting the name , and thinking of Lord Krishna. She visualized herself as Gopikas who were with Krishna and lived with his thoughts each and every second.  For her everything that appeared in front of her eyes were Krishna.

An important incident in her life made Periazhwar realize her unconditional love and bhakthi towards Lord Krishna. At her younger age, out of her pure and innocent love , Kothai dressed herself like a bride and wore the garland that was made by her father for Lord Vishnu. Kothai felt the immense bliss of wearing the garland which was made for Lord Vishnu and had great happiness that the same will decorate the shoulders off Lord Vishnu. Without knowing these incidents when Periazhwar took the garland to the temple and noticed a strand of Kothai’s hair in it, he took the garland back to Kothai condemning her act of love. But the miracle there was Lord Vishnu on the other hand refused to wear the new garland made by Periazhwar and insisted that He wanted only the garland which had been worn by Kothai. This incident symbolizes the true love of Kothai and she was referred as “Soodi Kodutha Sudarkodi

Kothai – A symbol of Love and Bhakthi

Kothai developed desires to marry lord Krishna as she had unconditional and divine love towards him right from her young age. The manner in which she pursued her dreams to marry was totally different. On the month of Margazhi , she practiced “Paavai Nonbu” for a period of 30 days , recited “Thiruppavai” , a set of 30 pasurams and offered her prayers to marry Lord Vishnu. By giving us these literature, Kothai sets a glaring example for women today, and have shown this divine path through which we try to attend our dreams.

By practicing Pavai Nonbu , a women gives away consumption of many food items including Milk , Ghee etc. Such women cannot wear flowers during the period and will not beautify herself. She also needs to wake up early in the morning, and recite Thiruppavai and offers prayers. By forgoing all their personal interests and offering prayers in such a manner adds more power to the same.

Kothai – As an ancient poet and scholar:

It is very pertinent to note that, in our ancient age she was one among the 12 Azhwars and the only Female Azhwar. This vividly shows the high status of women lived in the ancient society and the recognition given to them as there was no difference between men and women existed in offering Bhakthi to God.

Her first work is the Thiruppavai, a collection of 30 verses in which was a pure dedication for her love towards Lord Krishna. In Thiruppavai, kothai visualizes herself to be a Gopika, and expressed her unconditional devotion to Lord Krishna. In these verses, she describes her yearning to serve Lord Vishnu and achieve happiness not just in this lifetime, but for all eternity.

Next comes the Nachiar Thirumozhi, a poem comprising 143 verses. This poem fully reveals Kothai’s divine love towards Vishnu.

Significance of Thiruppavai:

Thiruppvai is not mere songs that offer prayer towards Lord Vishnu but is a treasure that belongs to our Hindu culture and Heritage which should be praised with great pride.

Apart from expressing Kothai’s desire to attain her dreams of marrying Lord Vishnu, this literature enlightens us on our glorious philosophical, moral and ethical principles of life. It highlights the meaning and pure love and glorifies the significance of Bhakthi. It teaches the art of pursuing one’s dreams with complete dedication towards the same. The base line of this literature apart from Kothai’s Bhakthi towards Lord Vishnu is “Devotion and Dedication towards pursuing one’s dreams”.

Another wonder about this literature is the Kothai’s vision and the science involved in her literature. In simple poems, just by using few beautiful words, she explained many scientific concepts which are explained today by hundreds of books and theories. One among such significant poems is “Azhi Mazhai Kanna ” which is as follows :

Aazhi Mazhaik kanna ondru nee kai karavel

Aazhi ullpukku mugandhu kodaarththeri

Oozhi mudalvan uruvam pol mey karuthu

Paazhiyan tholudai p padmanabhan kaiyyil

Aazhi pol minni valampuri pol nindr adhirndhu

Thazhadhe sarngam udiatha saramazhai p pol

Vazha ulaginil peydhidaay nangalum

Margazhi neerada magizhndelor empavai.”

In the above poem she explains about the science behind lightning and thunder as follows:

“ The Lord is going deep into the ocean, taking the water and rising high in the sky to deposit it in the magnificent black clouds to which in turn will precipitate into rain. His mighty and handsome shoulders are compared to the clouds. The sound of thunder to the sounds from His Conch (Valampuri Sangu) and the lightning is compared to the shine on the Lord’s Disc (AazhiChakra). The resulting heavy rain is compared to the stream of arrows issuing out of the Lord’s Bow (Sarngam). Timely and adequate rain is referred to as the precursor of many gains and prosperity and the Lord Padmanabha as the master of that phenomena is offered prayers   seeking that bountiful rain for the welfare of the devotees and all beings on earth.

From the fact that she gathered all the young women to form part of her worship, it is very evident that she wanted to share the bliss that she has experienced in chanting the prayers should reach others as well.

Thiruppavai is referred as “Vedam anaithirkum Vithagum Kothai Tamizh” which means this forms the base or rather the essence of all the Vedas. Apart from Margazhi, “Thiruppavai” is the only set of hymns which can be recited on all other months.

In the month of Margazhi, let us celebrate the divinity through chanting “Thiruppavai” which is offered by our mother heritage with great pride.


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Modern untouchability and my unanswered questions

Writing with a doubt whether I have an eligibility to write this and also a fear that I get maximum opposition for this.

For the last few years, after I started to apply logical thinking !!?!!?!! in everything happening around me, few acts of people whom I meet quite often started to bother me. Quoting few among the many incidents before I start asking the questions that are logical (at least) to me.

A family that is well known to me is always known for their usage of quality products.  Right from a small pin they always stick to the usage of branded items and never mind spending.  But I was shocked to see a bag full of “use and throw” plastic cool drink ang mineral water bottles which are not hygienic for reuse. With a great curiosity i questioned about that and their answer just put me into a terrible shock. They said it is for giving water to servants and their gardener.

Another incident which shot my pressure up was the manner in which a lady who is well known to me fed her maid who came for cleaning her house. She just gave rotis and dhal to her in a plastic cover used for packing non food items.

Questions after questions came running inside my mind from the age of 13 when I came across such incidents again and again. Same questions came when I was forced not to touch and lift a street worker’s kid filled with dirt who was crying in the road. Reason is still not known to me?!

In the last 2 years alone I came across several such incidents.  All these people committing such acts do not belong to a particular community alone  but are from different sects. Being a person known to them I absolutely adore many good qualities in them. But equally I was puzzled with such behaviour which is in total contrast with their character and ideology.

Having interacted with these people the reasons which many putforth are 1. Aacharam/madi/ ancestral practice and 2. Those people are not clean and have untidy habits.

Now here are my questions.

If the first reason is true then where is the source for the same?? This question was not properly addressed by any of those who practice. When the archakar of srirangam temple threw a stone to hit thiruppanazhwar on this forehead, Sriranganathar’s forehead was bleeding inside the Srirangam temple. Didnt this try to mean that an insult caused by a man to other by virtue of a birthbased difference,  is an insult to god himself?If such discrimination is a part of bhakthi, then why did the Archakar who illtreated Thiruppanazhwar based on his caste was made to carry the same person in his shoulders and enter the temple?   What is the sanctity of such acts when the supreme god whom we pray himself did not warrant such acts?

If we take Sri Ramanujar, his only motto was to spread the divinity of Sriman Narayana’s name to everyone irrespective of a person’s birth based classification.

When we claim to worship them and seek their blessings,  what is the point in acting in a manner derogatory to what they taught??

Each and everyone one may not be Thirupanazhvar. But we should admit the fact that they are also living beings created like us. Why don’t they deserve a respect? We need not carry them in shoulders. But we can still give them a comfort that they are no lesser than us.

For those who opt for the 2nd reason called hygiene,( I have even heard stupid complaints that those people will not take proper bath etc etc. ) here are my questions.. If we are so particular about health and cleanliness why don’t people like us deserve a clean treatment from us? In this busy world aren’t we eating or staying on hotels? How far can u ensure complete cleanliness in such places? Assuming if such cleanliness pertains only to objects then what will happen if kids at our home misplace silver utensils in garbage? Don’t we wash and use them again? They may not be served food in a silver plate but why at least not a plantain leaf or a separate glass plate?

These are just few questions that I asked. Though I don’t get a concrete answer the scoldings that I always get as a response is assured!

My point is not to go against what our ancestors did. Even I understand the significance and value of following madi/acharam/hygiene or whatever it may be called. But without inheriting the underlying principle of humanity, following these practises at the whims and fancies of an individual is something not logical.

I do admit that i have compulsions to “watch” such practises quietly. But I sincerely feel that I will not pass this to my next generation unless I find some logical background for these.

At the age of 25 I am not qualified to teach the elders from whom I am supposed to learn. I am in the learning process and will learn more from them. But sometimes my mind feels that I should not take the lessons that I have learnt to the next generation which I feel do not have a logical base.

Praying elders to guide me appropriately if I am wrong.


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